It's just a test, Sir! AAR NUTS

The other day I found NUTS Second Edition Europe 1944, by THW. And as I have a bunch of African troops from my Africa Warlords project, I decided to use the miniatures to test this first mission.

 JUNE 1984 - You’re in command of a small group of assault troops in Bongolesia. Your unit has been deploy in a random point and is slowly reforming. You are alone with three men.
Your major concern is coming up onto the house. Here’s what the area is like.

A - Assaulting troops deployment, considered hidden. (Rebels troops)
B - NCO, LMG gunner and a soldier walking to the left forest. (Gubernatorial troops)
C - Soldier resting. (Gubernatorial troops)


First shoots that kill the LMG gunner and another trooper. The NCO survives 

 and taking the LMG shot to the enemies, without any success
 The stormtroopers shoot another time and kill the NCO

 The assailant advanced to the house, the soldier who was inside,
and terrified, hid in a corner.
The rebels surrounded the house, the leader shot inside, and the soldier reacted shooting
without success, while, the other soldiers entered the house, accomplishing the mission

 As ever, very good taste in the mouth... easy, fast and smooth... Maybe more scenarios... sure!

I see painted people....

Well, here I am, this weeks I have been very busy painting the civilians for the campaign. Here are some photos.

Talomir Tales, scenarios for a campaign

"The hero slashed the last orc's head, and his warband was the winner.... 25 VP vs 5VP, Crushing Victory" 

  As is well known, the life of our heroes is not just a warband encounter per week, they life a lot of adventures, will we leave them in their boxes, among sponges; our minds recreate multiple encounter and feats, but normally we can't play them because the lack of time, continuity in the stories, and things like that, well, at least, these my main problems... and ta-daaaahhhh here comes "Talomir Tales" to save your day.

 Ed Teixeira, has created a new type of books, where you can find a complete campaign, with 32 scenarios,  16 tied into one Story, where you can play with your favourite rules, or why not? the marvellous THW rules to complete them.

 At this moment, there are just four books:
Distant Shores -
The City Watch is looking for you and there’s that village Chieftain that thinks he “owes” you one. Add that to the Wizard you kind of cheated out of his cut… well, let’s just say a change of scenery would do you good.

The City Below -
The Duke’s daughter has disappeared and the Captain of the City Watch wants a favor from you that cannot be refused…
 - Scenarios giving you two Jobs. Find the Duke’s daughter then escort her into the Border Kingdoms. This will require you to Carouse in Taverns, Confront numerous enemies, Explore the Sewer under a large, Dungeon Diving and 12 more adventures, all related. -

Piathoe's Peaks -
There’s a Fine Line Between Grave Robber and Demon Hunter.
  - 16 Scenarios giving you one Job. Gain the Shield of Piathoe and use it as you try and destroy the Demon Lamia. This will require you to Carouse in Taverns, Confront numerous enemies, Defend the defenceless, Rescue hostages and 12 more adventures, all related. -

Uffe's Saga
Uffe’s father Bjarke died in battle when Uffe was but a boy. Bjarke, “Hammer of Demeskeen”, was buried under a mound. In a dream, Bjarke appeared to Uffe.
 - 16 Scenarios giving the way to free your Father’s shade and recover your Father’s sword from a deep, dark Dungeon. This will require you to Carouse in Taverns, Dungeon Diving, Escort others over perilous lands, Rescue friends and 12 more adventures, all related. -

 In addition, you can buy the campaign in two prices, one 17$ the full book with the campaign and the rules, or for just 12$ you get the campaign with the scenarios.

 The campaign are so good, that I have decided to mix them with my current campaign, "Land of gods", even if the Talomir Tales are focused into Talomir World is very easy to use them in other setting. So let's begin with the City Below Campaign could Slorm help his friend to rescue the scriba's daughter?

Take a walk on Bazaar

Days after of their arrival, Myshella decided to visit the bazaar to buy some foods, while Slorm was preparing a safer journey.

 The bazaar was plenty of people, and Myshella and some friends met a lot of locals, a city guard, even a palace servant. The bazaar was crowded, but the most amazing thing happened, when they found the typical scene, of a big shopper grasping a rascal, who has stolen a bunch of dates from his stall. The child dirty and scraggy, looked horrified the enormous man who slapped him... The first punch threw the boy nine feet into the crowd.

 Nobody paid more attention to the child, who tried to hid among the people, while the man shout him threatening.

 Myshella, touched by the scene, come into the shopkeeper and bought some dates, them, look for the child and gave them to him, the rascal surprised, thanked to the dame, and offered to protect her for the rest of the day. She pampered laughed and thanked the child his offer... and decide to bring to her house, to give him some clothes.

Characters & Background for Land of Gods

I plan to play a campaign using Warrior Heroes: Legends, Legends of Araby and Blood Eagle, lively in an Imagi·world, where the ancient Greek, Persian, and Egypts lives together with other Mediterranean ancient cultures.

The history will be developed following the adventures of a noble called Slorm, and his fiancé Myshella, a sorceress from the Asklepias god.

When using a One Hand Melee Weapon can roll twice for Damage counting the best result.
Counts one Rep higher for Activation purposes when operating alone.
Allow to use Leader Die


-          Star Power
-          Larger than Life
-          Cheating Death
-          Free Will

Class F FV SV Weapon Bonus F AC
Slorm 3+ 3 2 Sword 3 -1 11

Stats for Myshella

The ability to heal the sick and wounded and create Potions.
Short sword
AC 4


Star Wanabee
-          Larger than Life
-          Cheating Death
-          Free Will wanabee, roll 3d6, instead 2 dices.

Class F FV SV Weapon Bonus F AC
Myshella 4+ 2 3 Impro 0 1 8

A period in Caba

    Our heroes arrived to Caba on the time expected, but after the fright with the caravan, they decided that the travel to Yeblela was going to be by river, because it was much more secure, the problem was that they must spend two weeks in Caba, so they decided to visited some people there, and enjoy the visit.


  Caba is one of the main cities in the area, its economy is based on the route that goes through there from Negraya. Their peoples hate the desert nomads, and have a very fortified wall to avoid their assaults.

   The city is conformed by five main areas, like these:
 These scenarios will use the great Legends of Araby by THW

Assault on the Caravan

Once upon a time, in the hot sands of Kemet, a small caravan was crossing the desert. It was transporting travellers and goods through a pacific area, in a travel of no more than 30 mills.

Our heroes Slorm and Myshella were travelling in this caravan from Cahoncia to Caba, when a group of thieves assaulted them. The action was very fast, just the Sun was starting to hide behind the horizon when, a group of Tai-Seiti appeared from holes in the sand, the guards dismount and got ready for the action.

    The raiders looked like surprised, because the lost the initiative, and the guards together with Slorm, charged against them...

 The swords and spears cut the air and the throat of the assaulter, who died, just to of them decided to flee to save their lives.

 Our heroes got together to recover themselves and to look for more survivors and remake the cavaran... This time they have survive...

 The travel continue...

The world...

The known world is formed by three big continents: Ipeiro, Amam and Atlantis, there exist three main cultures Kemet, Hellas and Parsa.

The three continents are very different between them, Amam is a big desert, plenty of ancient ruined building. Iperio is a glowing continent with a Mediterranean climate, with the highest population taxes. And Atlantis is the oldest continent, populated by the self-proclaimed "Sons of the Stars", and ancient civilization, who is into decline after a plague decimated the area. They are very xenophobic, so they persecute any invader from the other continents.

 The cultures have special aspect, that I would like to explain:
 - Hellas, they are the sons and daughters of the gods of Mytikas, the biggest mountain in the continent. They are very similar to the Classical Greeks from our world.

 - Parsa, they call themselves "the first humans", because they are convinced that they are the first inhabitants of the lands. They are very similar to the Achaemenid Persians form our world.

 - Kemet, they are the inhabitants of the big desert of Amam, they are very similar to the New Kingdom of Egypt.

 And in this place will happen the adventures...

Land of Gods...

Any good story begins with a good map and a good idea, so let's start this new campaign, with all these things:

 - A good idea, I love the ancient Greek and Egypt mythology, with the forgiveness of the Tolkien fans, in my opinion, Zeus and Ra laugh at Eru's and the Ainur's faces. The depth and variety of these mythologies outweigh Tolkien and his Nordic adaptations. For this reason, I want to focus my campaign in these setting.

 - A good map, after looking for a lot, I have found the web that let me create and modify the map for my campaign, from the size of the land mass, to the name of each city or river. This perfect place is: I have been working on it, and I have the map that I need, something like this:

 - A good rulebook, I am sorry, but I haven't found any rulebook that could hit the Ed THW books, his system to create enemies and set up the scenario is incredible, the only element that suffers is that the profiles of the troops are, in my opinion, sometimes too simple when you need to play a complex character; but for this is Craig with his Blood Eagle and In Her Majesty Name, to arrange the afternoon, so I will use both rules equally. So I will use both regulations to solve the skirmishes and I hope that also battles.

 - A good fistful of miniatures, one of the things that demotivate me is the use of tons of miniatures because I don't have the time neither space to have all of them. With these rulesets, the skirmish will be with around 5-10 miniatures per side, a quantity that is really suitable for me. In the other hand, I participated in the Mythic Battles Pantheon KS so I have a bunch of mythological creatures ready to hunt the heroes.

 - A good motivation, having painted most of the miniatures required, I am ready to start to play scenarios and advance in the Land of Gods Campaign.

 I hope that all you enjoy the campaign as much as me!


Sengoku Monster Hunter, a review

The mythical culture of Japan is a not a well known setting in Europe, Greek and Viking mythology makes a clean sweep of the ancient gods for those of us here… but now arrives Alternative Armies to give us a new rulebook with this Japan setting and plenty of Sengoku mythical monsters and warriors.
The book outlines a Japanese medieval world, were we, the hunters, are hired to hunt monsters to clean haunted forest or to save the honour of fallen from grace samurais… To bring about this task we will be able to hire some specialized followers to help us. Will you dare to fight against the monsters and take up this challenge?
The game is suitable for solo wargamers, or groups of hunters where each player will deploy his hunter and followers, with the monsters moving following an easy ‘silent player’ or A.I system.
Our hunter will is described by a profile with these stats: Actions, Move, Combat, Shooting, Wounds and Resolve; with a value between 3 to 6. Each activation will let us to make as much actions as we have in our Action stat, walking so many centimetres as show the Move stat. The combat, either melee or ranged shot, will be resolved rolling as much D6 as our Combat and Shooting stats put out. Looking for 4+ in each one. Moreover, we must equip our hunter with various typical Japanese weapons like the tanto, naginata or ninjato, and armours.
The hunter will be long to a hunters guild, or will be a warrior monk or a Lone Warrior what will give him special rules and obligations, improving his attack or requiring of the payment of taxes to maintain the belong to the guild. Guilds are central to the hunter.
The enemies are represented by ‘markers’, who move in uncovered until they are in the line of view of the hunter or followers. At this moment the monster is reveal and deployed and it will follow the Monster animal table as followed by him the hunter. Alternative Armies has Sengoku Tokens which are also coins and bases for this use.
The hunt will be developed in a squared 60cm or 80cm for 15mm scale, which represent the lowlands, the hills or the mountains, with at least 4 markers in the lowlands, and 8 markers on the mountains. As much markers, as more experience points are earned, so the hunter wins more awards. The hunt can get bigger!
With all the awarded points, the hunter can improve his skills, the quality of their follower, and more things… because this wargame is outlined as a campaign, where the hunter will be improving his skills to hunt bigger and dangerous monsters. You can take your hunter on a journey of experience.
The book has more than twenty creatures to make life impossible to our hunter, with their stats and special rules, between Oni, goblins, skeletons and the terrible Kasa Obake…..
From my point of view, the rulebook is a great choice for the solo wargamers who are looking for a ruleset to play little encounters with no more than 5-10 miniatures per side, with a hero bearing all the weight of the scene. The book is suitable for the Japanese mythology neophyte, because avoids a lot of Japanese terminology, using European terms for the weapons and armours. Besides, the monster stats are suitable for other mythological monsters, so the rules are suitable for the Greek or Viking mythology, or other settings like a Fantasy game where a hunter is hunting witches in the middle of the 16 century. From my point of view the metagame about the campaign is very motivating, and inclusive, with the player having to save experience points to pay the food for his followers, or having to quit from the Hunter Guild because he can’t pay the taxes…
To me as a Spanish native speaker the downside is that the rulebook sometimes a little dense in the reading, with some points not too clear to me, or with the information not all in the same part of the book, like, for example the number of markers for each scenario. But I was helped and I got the answers. The thematic style of the book could not be for every wargamer, so these wargamers will miss out on this great and easy wargame. So I say give it a chance and you can be helped if you ask Alternative Armies.
In summary Sengoku Monster Hunter is a must have for all this solo wargamers, who wants to go out with the little guys to hunt some bad demons and creatures from the dark corners….