D100 Dungeon: AAR Dungeon 4

    With the success of the other dungeon, Slorm has accumulated a good bunch of gold that he has deposited in the Bank Guild, and the baron is happy, so he hires another time Slorm to get into the haunted dungeons of his old castle and recover the crossbow and the leather boots of his grand grandfather, and by the way, Merrill Drach the sorceress has ordered him some toad venom. Our hero, taking into account the good results of his last dungeons came into the dungeon happy and sure of his success...

  After walking during some minutes, he saw how some packs of rats flee trying to hide into the shadows, Slorm found a big cave toad who tried to attack him, after some blow the horrible creature died, and the hero got the venom.

   The dungeon continued meandered and Slorm felt a little lost, too much narrow and close corridors, to the point of finding a Lever, that he decided not to touch it, or avoided to down the stairs that he found.

 In the middle of the dark corridor, he found a terrible leech who attacked him, it was a hard combat, where Slorm needed to use his better skills, and a little help of the brews. In the end, the creature died, and our hero caught a pair of leather boots for the baron.

 Slorm had to retrace through the corridors because he arrived at a magic door that he couldn't open,  he tried by another door, but it was impossible too, so he quit. While he was resting, a group of goblins surrounded him and attacked with their bows. Slorm could kill all of them and recovered a crossbow.

 With all the objects recovered, Slorm went out of the dungeon and enjoyed a lavish dinner with a charming company of loving damsels.

D100 Dungeon: AAR Dungeon 3

   Another day in the Kingdom of Uxes. Sir Godefridus the Baron, was very happy with the Slorm's show of courage. So happy, that he decided to hire him for another mission. It was similar to the other, but this time he want three armours from a goblin dungeon that was in the North in the swamps.

 The entrance to the cave was plenty of bones, some terrible creature must live there. So Slorm took out his morning star and prepared to enter. Suddenly, as if they were waiting for him, some goblins jumped on the invader, slashes thrown everywhere, who could not touch the hero, but he killed all of them. Searching among the bodies he get an armour, one the things that he needed.

 Slorm continued to a room with several doors, he tried to open some of them. At the end, two of them were open, and he decided to follow the corridor. In the room he found a lever, but decided not to touch anything, to avoid possible problems...

 Where, looks like, that the problems come to Slorm, because a enormous ooze appeared sliding through the corridor. The combat was not delayed, and our hero could cut the creature in two parts, but this was worse, because two oozes attacked him now. After some attacks, the creature dead, but he was wounded, so decided to have a rest.

 Slorm continued into a crossroad, and searched finding a hidden passage that led to a dark passage, but he decided to not enter in a so narrow passageway. A door in the south led to a room with an altar that Slorm preferred not to touch, because the gods are dangerous...

  Our hero came back and found another crossroad with two doors, one of them jammed and he preferred not to touch, because it looked dangerous; so he walked into the other, when another group of goblins attacked him. More slashes and punches, killed the goblins. Another armour, this time a leather one, was kept. While he was preparing to continue, a group of giant bats attacked but Slorm defended himself, and the bats decided to flee, our hero let them go, he needed some relax.

 While he took a breath, he was looking into the floor plenty of rubbish, he found something shinning, a piece of armour has been found there, so... mission accomplished!

 Quickly he decided to go out from the dungeon, but while he was walking though the swamp that surrounded the dungeon, a group of goblins started to shoot his bows against to him, some arrows wounded him. At the end, our hero severely wounded needed some health potions to recover himself, lost in the swamp, there were a lot of possibilities to die...

 After some hours of wandering, he found a hamlet, where he could health his wounds.

D100 Dungeon: AAR Dungeon 2

      With the stomach plenty, and the bag full of golden pieces, Slorm decided to have a try, and went into the market to buy a better weapon, he knows that the cost of the weapon was high, so before he had sold all the things founded in the cave. After rummage among the stalls, he found a morning star, that he could afford.

  His success in his last adventure made the sorceress to talk with a rich man who showed interest in our hero; to test him, he decided to hire him to get for him three weapons from a goblinoid lair that was in the North.

 Slorm entered in the dungeon, three goblinoid surrounded him and tried to attack; the combat was incredibly fast, two swings of his weapon killed the creatures who left a weapon ready for Slorm, just two more and all will be finished.

 In the next room Slorm searched and magically founded a hole in the wall, where a pair of chain mail gloves have been laid...

The color in the rooms indicates the type of room that it is
 Motivated and happy with his luck, he entered in a long corridor, and while he was searching, the hero hear some strange words and a light illuminated the area, a goblin warlock was ready to attack him.

Slorm took out his shinning new weapon and attack the goblin, hitting on his head, that resulted opened sprawling the goblin brain on the floor. Our hero was astonished of his good luck and the power of his new weapon, just one hit to kill that dangerous enemy. He examined the body and get another weapon and a brew with a strange liquid.

 While he was investigating, a pack of rats slipped in the shadows ready for the lunch. They jump over Slorm, but his cape and his gloves protected him from the attack, and after some rounds of combats, the rats died without remission.

  Slorm continued his way more carefully, following the corridor, in the next bend he found another group of goblins sneaking in the darkness, quickly he bump into them surprising them. The goblins scared tried to flee, but Slorm could block their escape. They fought heroically till the end fell into ground...

 Our dungeon crawler caught the last weapon and come back to the town.

 During his journey, he found a pair of merchants who offered him some brew and armors, but Slorm didn't have sufficient gold, so he couldn't buy anything. A group of pilgrims asked for a donation and offered a blessing, but the lack of money, again, made Slorm not be able to take advantage of the occasion.

 Notes: Today the dice rolls were incredibly high, so Slorm had a lot of good luck in the combat. The Goblin warlock was really a dangerous enemy, in the first turn he get "Evil touch" what could have been very harmful.
 As the dungeon was very easy, I decided not to automatically return to the village to achieve the objectives, but I used the rules of world campaign to try to play some events in the wildness, and that's where I found the merchants. Thank God, there was no assailant.

D100 dungeon: AAR Dungeon 1

While arrives the dungeon that I ordered from TT Combat, to continue the Slorm's adventures with Burning Sand, I have decided to take a look on the solo RPG called "D100 Dungeon".

 D100 Dungeon is a dice and pencil RPG, that guides the player though the Dungeon trying to accomplish some kind of Quest. The dice rolls are using D100, in the Basic Roleplaying system, with only three Characteristics FUE, DEX and INT.

 Let's tell Slorm's story for this first dungeon.

 The last months the business haven't been good for Slorm, a plague killed his cows, and some debts forced him to sell his farm, so just with some of the armors of his father, he started to look for a new live... after looking for in some inns, at the end he found a saleswoman who hired him to get for him some "special ingredients"; this woman, the gossips, was called a sorceress, but when your stomach roars with hunger, any promise of food is welcome.

 Slorm arrived to the cave where supposedly  he could find the ingredients, so he started to explore it. At first he found a passage with a open door, that emptied into a large room, after some exploring some shadows started to move around Slorm, who took out his quarterstaff and shouting moved his lantern scrutinizing in the darkness, when a group of kobolds (using giant rats stats) appeared ready to attack the adventurer.


 The kobolds died under Slorm's power, letting him to get a full Kobold's blood, one of the required ingredients. Our hero motivated by the situation decided to continue exploring the room, when found a pair of scale mail gloves, that fitted to him. Suddenly, another group of kobolds appeared willing to revenge the dead of their blood brothers.

 The combat was resolved in the same way than the other before, and this time a Kobold slung was recovered by Slorm, one ingredient more and a large amount of gold that will permit to Slorm to eat something hot for the rest of the month....

  The dungeon crawler continued exploring and arrived to a new room where he found a magic door that he preferred to avoid and invest his strength opening a grate waiting to find something under the ordure that lie at the botton... 

 More than 4 hours later, Slorm exiting from the well of muck, with his hand empty of treasures but plenty of filth and cursing his stubbornness, there he found nothing interesting.... Another door opened to the bottom of the cave, so he decided to continued.

 This cave was plenty of spider webs, so was clear what lived there, Slorm with his quarterstaff at the ready shout to the darkness, challenging the monster. After a few minutes of silence, the hiss of the arachnid began to be heard, a giant spider appeared behind a big rock

 The confrontation was not delayed, the spider jump against the hero, and he defended using his weapon. Slorm was sweating, it seemed that his attacks could not hurt the creature, however, he was getting entangled more and better with the spider web (I decided to change dice because there were disastrous the rolls). After a few minutes, it seemed that Slorm was recovering his energy and reached two strokes accurate nailing his weapon on the cephalothorax of the imposing creature of nightmare.

 The creature fell heavily, and while Slorm caught his breath, he took the brain of the monster.

  I was ready to get out of there as soon as possible!

 Notes: In the game, there were no Kobolds, they were Giant rats but as didn't have rats for the photos, I used Kobolds.  
The dungeon map, was completed like this:

Burning Sands: Into the North

After some investigation with the help of the Oracle, our heroes are send to the North, from Opori to a little polis called Sekni on the slope of the mountains. The distance could be complete in three days going upstream.

 They will bring a letter for the polis council, explaining what has happened and wanting for information.

 When our heroes arrives there the Council inform them that other men come a pair of weeks before, and others three weeks ago with them same story, some women kidnapped, and the Oracle sending them to the North. The Council is sick of the oracles, because all these give to Sekni a very bad publicity, in fact, they are not going to help the heroes, just tell them where went the other adventures, no more.

 So our heroes decided to go to take some wine and try to get info talking with the people....

 After the second or third round of wine, the tongues started to ramble on and somebody talked about a haunted ruins near the forest, where went the other adventures, who didn't back...

  To get the information I established that the heroes had money for 6 drink rounds, the same than heroes Vitality, an a difficulty of 15, so Slorm was rolling each time to hit the score of 15. In the third round they get the info. If they couldn't get the info, they needed to stay in the city another day, a looking for luck in another pub.

 So... after the hangover, let's go to the ruins!

Burning Sands: It's a trap!

   With Adara released, now is the moment to counter attack and discovered who kidnapped her. After interviewing Adara, was impossible to get any info, because she didn't remember anything. So, the best way to get some information is to set a trap. A group of three guards are going to stay at the house where Adara was retained, awaiting for the captor leader, to capture him.

Guards V2 P2 W1 +2 Defensive roll (because wearing Panoply). In the room.
Guard V2 P2 W1 disguised as Adara in the cell.

Hooded man V3 P2 W2

 The hooded man arrives to the house

The disguised soldier as the woman, comes into the room, to help his friends

  At the end, the last soldier gets to kill the hooded man, who before dead said "May Eride's curse falls on you"... the soldier tried to maintain with life the hooded man, but was impossible... he dead...

Burning Sands: A woman has disappeared

Alcander knocked at Slorm's door very worried, his brother in law woman was disappeared. She went to the river to wash the clothes, but she didn't back home.

 Alcander does not want anyone to find out what happened, so asked Slorm for discretion. He will go with an Alcander's bodyguard to the river and investigate what has happened.

Initial Deployment
In this scenario they must search for clues to get information about where is she and what happened to her.

  We can deploy on the table the heroes in some point and three PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces) in random point of the table. The heroes must get closer to 5cm of each one  to reveal the PEF and know if they have found a clue.

  Each time a character reveals a PEF he must roll in this table, using his Wits Stat:
1-5 Nothing. Put away the PEF
6-10 Something is moving over there. Put away the PEF and put another PEF 20cm from this point, and the next time you roll for reveal a PEF you have a +5 in your role.
11 - 15 They are coming... deploy a enemy force of 1d6-1 wolves
> 16 Yo has found a clue.

 The last PEF of the scenario is always a clue. 

First Turn, the heroes advance looking for clues.

 The area is calmed, and just the sing of the birds, breaks the prevailing silence. There are no fighting signals in the zone, so

Our heroes
They initiate the investigations

  The first area was empty, so they advance to the area where the woman wash the clothes, near a big rock.

The Bodyguard rolls a 15 so for one point the wolves appear....
The combat begins, and the blood begins to color the river water
The wolves die, but wounding both warriors, sing of the birds who are beginning to fear for their lives

At the end, the wolves are slaughtered, and the investigators find a note with strange symbols, that quickly bring to the oracle.

 There, after hours of oration and magic rituals, the oracle predicts that the woman will be found in a isolated building on the North, there three nights before, a man with a brown hood had a meeting with some demons called eurynomus to organize the kidnapping of the woman...

 It's time to save her 

Burning Sands: Rescuing the lady

  Adara has been kidnapped by some eurynomus, and she is captive in an old building. Slorm has been hired to save her, and Aetos the thief will help him.

 The plan is easy, Slorm will advance attracting the attention of the guardians, while Aetos advances and opens the door of the cell where Adara is captive.

Slorm V6 P3 W2
Adara V5 P2 W3 Disarmed -2 when attacks.
Aetos V2 P2 W3

Eurynomus V2 P2 W1

The door will be opened with Wits (unlock action) roll of 10+ or Prowess (Break Down the door) roll of 15+.
Adara is tied with ropes, is necessary a 6+ Prowess roll, to release her.

Attack Plan

Our heroes

The captors building

 Slorm wins the initiative because the captors doesn't know that they are going to be assaulted, so he advances trying to get contact with them.

 After run some meters in the darkness, the creatures watched Slorm and got ready to combat with him. While Aetos advanced following the initial plan.

At the end of this first turn, the second guard showed his good skills and caused a critical wound into Slorm, but he is an hero, and nothing will stop him, for now....

 In the second turn, Aetos arrived to the door and unlock it, while Slorm finished with the stubborn eurynomus, and entered in the house. In that moment he started to hear noises coming from the other side of the house, looked like there were more people inside... well, "people" is a way to speak...

 In the third turn, the other eurynomus entered into the main room alerted by the combat sounds, and fighted with Slorm, whereas Aetos was releasing the woman, who was very worried about the noises.
In this turn, happened something very interesting tactically, because Slorm just used 1 point to enter in the house, and saved all the others to fight with the guardians when they came on the room.

Once the woman as released, she didn't await for the child, but she run away, and didn't stop until Slorm grasped her, and calmed her.

 Mission Accomplished!.... But ... why has she been kidnapped? What mad warlock had used his magic to summon those repugnant creatures from the hell?... 

A break to test Burning Sands

     The summer days normally pass between hot, dried paints and I want to but I can because of the heat... But this days have been a bit differente my challenge "Slorm against the Lead Pile" is working, and two days ago appeared my good friend Criamon with a new rulebook called "Burning Sands", casually during the week we were talking about the great campaign that Alexander Wasberg was playing, it is called "Tale of the wandering Slayer", because it is epic, a hero against the elements, with few scenery and solo gaming.

 Well, and two days later, appears Michael Stocking, publishing this book "Burning Sands", the ruleset that is been used in the campaign... obviously, Criamon caught it and we have tested it.

 The rulebook propose a system to play small heroic scenarios, very solo friendly, with no more than 5 miniatures per side, but you can use more if you have a big control of your dice pool. The actions are solved using a dice pool based in three stats: Vitality (Life points and effort capacity), Prowess (all the task related with the physical skills) and Wits (all the task related with the psychic skills). The Vitality generate a number of vitality points equal to that value, I mean, if our hero has Vitality 5, he will have a pool of 5 vitality points to use each turn. But can't use more points of the pool than his Prowess or Wits indicate.

 It is based on CROM from Mataskishi, but is not the same, here the author explain the differences.

 During the encounters, each time the character wants to do something, will need to stablish if is a Prowess or Wits skill, and them use as much dices as the skill indicate. For example, if the character (V5 P3 W2) wants to bash a door, it is a Prowess action, and he will consume 1 point of Vitality to receive 3 dices to attack the door, for example, if the door requires a damage of 10 to be opened, he can use another Vitality point to ensure that he destroy it. He will roll 3d6 per Vitality point consumed and if he get a number adding the scores bigger than 10, the door will be opened.

 Each time that you suffer a wound,  you lose one Vitality point, and one point of your vitality pool. When you arrive to 0 Vitality points you are dead.

When all the Vitality pool points are consumed, the turn is over. The consumed Vitality pool points are recovered at the begin of the turn.

 In the book you can find a lot of examples, but here I am going to show you the one that I use:

 Our hero is Karl a Teutonic knight who had bumped into a group of Baltic Pagan Barbarians
Here are the stats: Karl V5 P3 W2, and the Pagans V2 P2 W1

 Roll for initiative:
Karl 1d6 +V5 = 4+5= 9
Pagans 1d6 +V2+V2+V2 = 12
Karl the Teuton
The Pagans

Initial deployment

 The Pagans win the Initiative and decide to advance against Karl.

 One Pagan advances using one point of his pool, so he roll 2d6 (his Prowess stat) and get 3+1, advancing 4cm, far away of Karl. He decides to not use more points, because if he gets contact with Karl, he will be out of Vitality poll points.

 The other Pagan consumes one point, and obtains 5+1 advancing 6 cm.
 The last Pagan does the same than his comrades, 2+1 advancing just 3cm.

 Karl charges against the first Pagan, consuming 1 point, rolling 3d6, and scoring 5+1+1= 7cm, contacting with the first Pagan. And attacks using one point, the Pagan use another to defend. Karl rolls 3d6 and the Pagan just 2d6. Karl gets 6+3+6 and Pagan 6+4, so not only Karl wins but also he produces two wounds on the Pagan a wound, killing him. Each No matter  how many sixes do you get, a six on the winner fighter is a critic and causes 2 wounds. The Pagan is dead.

 Karl continues his slaughter and advances against the second Pagan. 1 point for moving 2d6, 3+3, 6cm advances. Contacting him, he uses another point from the pool to attack, taking to 3, and the Pagan uses another one. Karl rolls 3d6 (4+2+3) and the Pagan 2d6 (3+1), Karl wins, the Pagan suffers one wound so his Vitality is reduced to 1, and has no option to defend in the next attack. Karl attacks another time against the helpless Pagan, consuming one point of his Vitality pool, scoring 4+1+4, so he kills the Pagan.

 With the last point, Karls decides to recoil to avoid the charge of the Pagan he rolls 3d6 moving 10cm (6+2+2) and the turn finishes.

 The survivors recover all the Vitality Pool Points. Karl 6, Pagan 2. If some of them was has been wounded, they would have recovered as much points as was their current Vitality stat.

Roll for Initiative:
Karl: 1d6+V5: 2+5
Pagan: 1d6+V2: 3+5
 Note: Well, now  I realize that Karl had a lot of possibilities to win this Initiative roll, so the best thing would have been that with the last point to have moved to contact the Pagan, to attack him now at the begin of this turn... Well, everyday you learn something new....

Karl uses one point to assault the Pagan rolling three dices 4+2+2= 8cm, and attack him, using another point. I don't know if is possible to use more than one point when you attack. Dices dance on the board... and Karl gets 2+1+1 and the Pagan 3+2, so the Pagan wounds Karl, so the Teuton loses 1 Vitality Point, and another point of his pool. Karl attacks another time. Incredible! Karl gets a 2+2+2 and the Pagan... 5+3, so Karl receives another wound, reducing his pool and his Vitality in another time, now he has Vitality 4 and the Vitality pool just 1. He attacks for the last time... and the Archangel Rafael come in Karls help because in the roll he gets:6+5+2, without option to save for the Pagan, who suffers two wound by the critic attack. And dies heroically.

 Karl must heal his wounds, and get ready for the next enemies...

 Well, front my point of view, the rule book is very promising, because the action is intrepid, and you never knows what is going to happen, look at the last turn, Karl was in problems if another Pagan had arrived... On the other hand the Stats of Wits and Prowess let you to create various warriors, and the simplicity of the stats let you worry about the action, without having to remember each number. The author offers cards to locate the Vitality and the Vitality pool, but you can put them, like me, next to the miniature.
 The rulebook comes with various enemy stats and outline how to create more creatures or characters. And special rules that you can use with the troops.

 I am sure that it could be used for other periods, adding some rules for fire weapons.

 On the other hand, the wargame is not suitable for competitions, and is centred in epic combat of heroes against villains.

Slorm against the Lead Pile! Day 2

Today, and with all this hot weather, the best army to be painted is the African Warlords.
I had some miniatures painted, but today I have finished the last that I need to play the Bongolesia scenarios.

 Here we can distinguish between three groups of troops:
Governmental or Elite troops, in Bongolesia the National Defense Forces (NDF)

The regular governmental troops

The insurgent troops or the Bongolesian African Revolutionary Front (BARF)
I haven't painted all of them in one day, but I have finished all that I needed for the scenarios. Tomorrow the arms dealers.