Reactions for solo gaming

  Somewhere in the net I found this tables, and yesterday I recovered it from my pc.
They are based in a dice rolled, checking the "Reaction Skill", this skill could be Reputation, Moral, Elan, Iniciative or whatever skill could consider the wargamer.

 I hope that it could be useful for the solo wargamers.

All epopee has a beginning...

The basis are been established, for now I have begun with the Jimland maps creator and the encounters from Warrior Heroes Legends and the things go in this way:

 Month 3, Year 22.

  Slorm decided to go to the nearby village of Miloton to visit his good friend Acastus Zenon, he chose as bodyguards to Cleovis and Jasen, two warriors at his father service that were born in the far Thace.

 After a travel of no more than five hours, the arrived Miloton, and when they were walking along the main street an old man surprised by the Slorm's showy armour call him to come closer for offering him a job. The man was in trouble, two of his guards were ill, and the last night his shop was assaulted, he could stop the raiders, but he have to go for two days out of the village to get the herbs for health the guards, and need of brave men for guarding his shop, after his return, he will pay them.

 As Slorm everytime is happy to get some extra coins and during the day he'll can visit his friend, he decided to accept the job.

Rebuilding my world

Hi all, normally I don't say here anything about my personal life, but I think that 6 months in a dry spell, requires of some explanation.
 The thing is easy: problems at home, divorce, move, new house, new life.

 And now the most important things, the new projects. With the move I discovered that I have too much lead, and too much projects unfinished, so, with the new house, I decided to stablished two main projects for work on them mainly, and them... to have little projects with a very few miniatures.

 The two chosen are

 - Mythical Greek, with a Medieval Fantasy flavour, I mean... to use Greek and mythical monters miniatures, to play but using wargames from the Medieval Mainstream Fantasy. So... there we'll can't find elves and dwarves... but sure fauns and minotaurs. The heroes will have to rescue distress damisel, but not from the claws of a group of dragon, but from a hydra. The fauns will be very dangeous foe in the forest... in a elf way... and the orcs will be degenerated humans...
 I have a big bunch of Xyston miniatures for developing this project, so I think that I will no have to buy much more lead. But I have bought a greek hoplites box for build a 28mm warband for ASBH or whatever wargame tha I could use.

 - Weird Seventeen Century, this century was one of the most important period in the Human's History, because of the wide variety of discoveries, inventions and advances in the sciences. This enlighted era, has a dark side, with the medical tests, failed inventions and the old fashioned legends that were maintained in the villagers minds... With this broth, I plan to wargame in an alternative world where the wolfmen assault the Parliament patrols, or the royalist have to expulse the witches that are preparing a sabbath. Solomon Kane in pure state. I have some miniatures from the Nine Years World, and some musketeers are in the track. I plan to continue using Jimland for the expeditions during this age.

 I plan to recover the Prehistorical campaign, and to remake the "American Hunger" campaing into a Seventeen Century campaing.

 I have my doubts about which rulesets I am going to use, because I have my beloved THW books, but am very tempted with Mythos or Dogs of Hades from Savaje Worlds and Hero of Hellas from Barbarins of Lemuria.

 Another possibility is to choose GASLIGHT with Jimland everything modificated to play a complete campaing where the map will be creating by the way the heroes will go exploring.

Stay tunned....