Guarding the Shop

As the old man asked for to Slorm and his bodyguards, they were watching the shop, the night was dark, so, they should be very cautious to the shadows.

 Jasen heard somebody approaching and go into the shadows, they were a patrol of watching in the patrol. Jasen greeting them, and come back to his position.

Cleovis and Slorm advanced to another sounds in the corner, and there they found a pair of grunts, with blackjacks, that started to run against the warriors when they bump with them.
 The combat was violent, Cleovis was wounded, but he continued fighting against the raiders, Jasen arrived from the other side of the square, and joined to the combat. At the end, two of the grunts were wiped out, and the last one was taken prisoner and escorted to the shop. 
 While the men were advancing, two more grunts appeared from a side, and Slorm and Cleovis charged against them. And combat them without a word, it was clear that Miloton is not a safe place...

When the last man fell down into the sand, two watchmen  arrives from the shadows brandishing their weapons menacingly, they asked to Slorm what was happening there, and Slorm explained them all about the assault, the watchmen were not to much happy about what they were listening, but at the end, a bag of gold, sealed their mouths.

Slorm and his men, entered in the shop, and the interrogation began.....