Using Jedis in Starport Scum

  Starport Scum is a wargame RPG-like very easy to learn and to play, with a  sandbox setting
that lets you play skirmishes from Star Wars to Blade Runner, through Fyrefly or Stargate.

 Because of the copyrights, the author couldn't publish rules for jedis, but here they are. I hope that they could be useful for the readers:

 First of all, these rules follow the magic rules for Dungeon Scum, so take a look on them.

The Force users had been a lot of time learning to control and use the Force, for that reason, they are not trained in the use of other weapons than the Lightsaber, neither armours.

The Force spells require significant concentration, so they can't move if they are using it.

The caster could no bear higher armour than Defence 2D6, that will be the Lightsaber used to deviate the attacks against him. If the shooter attacks him and get a FUMBLE in the shoot, we will consider that the jedi has deviated the shoot against the shooter with the lightsaber.

Stunned Force users could not cast spells.

· Force Ray: Range 12". Roll 4D attack. May be defended only with Armour dies.

· Mental Control: Range Contact. +1D to social dice roll [Based on Attract]

· Telekinesis: May move any visible object as far as 5".

· Feel variations in the Force: Negates Ambush, Surprise or Stealth kill bonus dice, when attacked himself.

· Trance: Range Contact. One character may heal a wound or recover from being down.

· Malacia: Range 4". One character within 4" of the Force user will result stunned on a 3+.

· Control Animals: Range 2". +1D to social dice roll just with animals. [Based on Attract]

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