Busy but Mission accomplished!!!

During the last week I have been very busy because I was getting a challenge with Hetairoi, the challenge was to paint 2 Microworld armies (15 stands army) in less than 15 days.

 Both armies were the Undead army that I started during the Spring, but I had to rebasing the undeads because after I had a KoW battle with Hetairoi, and we decided that the 4cm front stand were better than my initial 3cm frontal stands.

 The units with a front of 4cm works better because the miniatures fit better and they look like better, as well, as I am planning to make a Greek army using Baccus miniatures, their strips measure 2cm, so if the stands measure 3cm, the Baccus strip would not be sticked in pairs...

 I has been publishing the advances in this thread in La Armada Forum, there you can see some photos like these

Undead Army

And the Beastmen Army

 That's all folks!

Lunch Time!

Today I have been testing the new rules from THW, called "Adventures in th Lost Lands, in this case the Star is a Fierce Dinosaur looking for some food. Let's watch what happens....

Poppin the dinosaur is hungry, he smells the air and detect some food hidden behind the wooded hill, so he decided to go to take a look

 He is a Large Fierce Dinosaur, with Size 6, Rep 5. In this scenario there are three PEFs.

 Poppin begin to walk approaching to the first PEF (PEF 3) near the hills he met some creatures, they were a pair of feeders that surprised for the arrival of Poppin didn't know what to do....

Poppin runs charging against them, one of them run away, and the other stay paralized and fight with Poppin.. who obviously destroyed it with his jaws...

While the dinosaur enjoys his meal, the other dinosaur flee and some other dinosaurs appear from the near forest... they are feeders so there is no risk for Poppin

 Poppin continues with his meal till he feels plenty and decides that is a good moment to have a siesta

Dinosaurs after Summer

Just arriving from the Summer holidays, I have started to paint for restarting the hobby.
Let's begin with a bunch of dinosaurs from "The Honorable Lead Boiled Suit Company", they are the smallest from the catalogue: Compsognathus, Mini-Raptors and Velociraptor. As they are so small they are suitable for my 15mm cavemen adventures.

 There is no excuse for play a Lost Adventure skirmish