Rangers of the Shadow Deep: First Warband

The author of the acclaimed Frostgrave returns to the fray with a new regulation, this time intended to be played alone or collaboratively, although he still maintains the Frostgrave game system, so I see no problem to be played competitively with the friends.

Below you can see my band:

D100 Dungeon: AAR Dungeon 5

Slorm quickly dilapidated the small fortune he brought with him in colossal revelry. After a few weeks of drunkenness, feasts, prostitutes and games of chance, he was reduced once again to absolute poverty, so he decided to try his luck in one of the lairs he discovered on his return trip.

  That den belonged to a necromancer, who had been expelled from the nearby town for his bad arts. Listening to the rumors, Slorm learned that the witch would probably be dead, since the town had not known anything about him for a long time.

  Slorm advanced through that cave full of creature remains, with nothing interesting to pick up ...

 In the third room, a group of zombies approached Slorm slowly. The fight started and the zombies were falling little by little ... but when it seemed that the horde had fallen, a light emerged from the end of the cave, cutting out the shadow of the necromancer, who raised the zombies again, who attacked again , with more violence.

  Slorm feeling weakened by the monotonous chants of the necromancer, he noticed how the claws of the zombies began to dig into his arms, tearing his skin .. in that moment he realized that there was not much else to do there, so he decided to run away from that hell of death, and come back when I was ready to face that black magic.


  A few minutes later, his heart almost in his mouth, he dropped into the tavern, as he ordered a jug of wine and cursed his arrogance ...


A new gaming area and testing it

   During this months I have been testing my scenery making skills because I wanted to build a battle board, to play detailed skirmish in areas, where what really matters is how the combat is developed, where the combatants suffers wounds and little by little are defeated.

 For that reason I created an area to play these games, here some photos:

First of all, mark the squares to guide the miniatures movement

Confirm that the miniatures will fit in the squares

Prepare the area to play jousts too

Glue some cardboard pieces to represent stones and paint the board with some textured product

Paint and glue some grass
And some snow, because I am going to use it in the Baltic Crusades
  Now let's test Red Sun Black Moon to see if the combat are as detailed as I am looking for:

 Two goblins tries to assault a guard who is patrolling, no scenery because, it is just a first test:
The characters of our test

Initial deployment
The goblins approached the guard, and the combat begins

One goblin is wounded and pushed away from the guard, who charge against the other

The goblin is knocked with a shield bashing hit, and the other goblins advanced to stab the guard

With only one point of life, the goblin run away, while his comrade is captured by the guard, to get some info
 The battle board works very well, and the rules, as ever, perfect. If you confront warrior with similar skills the game could be a little bit slow and boring, but in these cases, the use of Bonus dice could save your day.

 On next time, I could deploy some scenery in some squares, to add glamour to the encounter.