In the 13 colonies the things is going wrong...

 Characters and Backgrounds
  - Slorm, the hunter
  - John, the dandy soldier

The AARs:
 Chapter 1 .- Picking John
 Chapter 2 .- Chasing the Hunters
 Chapter 3 .- Hunting in the Forest
 Chapter 4 .- Where is Arthur?
 Chapter 5 .- A Coffee with Abel
 Chapter 6 .- They shall not pass 

 Ancient Egypt and Greece are the ideal place for the adventures of our new heroes...

 Empires description

 Characters and Backgrounds

The AARs:

 This campaign has at least two parts, the first one, Slorm's life before travel to Kemet, and the time after.
 - In Hellas lands...
Chapter 1.- A woman has disappeared
Chapter 2.- Rescuing the lady
Chapter 3.- It's a trap

 -  In Kemet lands...
Chapter 1.- Assault on the Caravan 
Chapter 2.- Take a walk on the Bazaar

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