Burning Sands: Rescuing the lady

  Adara has been kidnapped by some eurynomus, and she is captive in an old building. Slorm has been hired to save her, and Aetos the thief will help him.

 The plan is easy, Slorm will advance attracting the attention of the guardians, while Aetos advances and opens the door of the cell where Adara is captive.

Slorm V6 P3 W2
Adara V5 P2 W3 Disarmed -2 when attacks.
Aetos V2 P2 W3

Eurynomus V2 P2 W1

The door will be opened with Wits (unlock action) roll of 10+ or Prowess (Break Down the door) roll of 15+.
Adara is tied with ropes, is necessary a 6+ Prowess roll, to release her.

Attack Plan

Our heroes

The captors building

 Slorm wins the initiative because the captors doesn't know that they are going to be assaulted, so he advances trying to get contact with them.

 After run some meters in the darkness, the creatures watched Slorm and got ready to combat with him. While Aetos advanced following the initial plan.

At the end of this first turn, the second guard showed his good skills and caused a critical wound into Slorm, but he is an hero, and nothing will stop him, for now....

 In the second turn, Aetos arrived to the door and unlock it, while Slorm finished with the stubborn eurynomus, and entered in the house. In that moment he started to hear noises coming from the other side of the house, looked like there were more people inside... well, "people" is a way to speak...

 In the third turn, the other eurynomus entered into the main room alerted by the combat sounds, and fighted with Slorm, whereas Aetos was releasing the woman, who was very worried about the noises.
In this turn, happened something very interesting tactically, because Slorm just used 1 point to enter in the house, and saved all the others to fight with the guardians when they came on the room.

Once the woman as released, she didn't await for the child, but she run away, and didn't stop until Slorm grasped her, and calmed her.

 Mission Accomplished!.... But ... why has she been kidnapped? What mad warlock had used his magic to summon those repugnant creatures from the hell?... 

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