D100 Dungeon: AAR Dungeon 2

      With the stomach plenty, and the bag full of golden pieces, Slorm decided to have a try, and went into the market to buy a better weapon, he knows that the cost of the weapon was high, so before he had sold all the things founded in the cave. After rummage among the stalls, he found a morning star, that he could afford.

  His success in his last adventure made the sorceress to talk with a rich man who showed interest in our hero; to test him, he decided to hire him to get for him three weapons from a goblinoid lair that was in the North.

 Slorm entered in the dungeon, three goblinoid surrounded him and tried to attack; the combat was incredibly fast, two swings of his weapon killed the creatures who left a weapon ready for Slorm, just two more and all will be finished.

 In the next room Slorm searched and magically founded a hole in the wall, where a pair of chain mail gloves have been laid...

The color in the rooms indicates the type of room that it is
 Motivated and happy with his luck, he entered in a long corridor, and while he was searching, the hero hear some strange words and a light illuminated the area, a goblin warlock was ready to attack him.

Slorm took out his shinning new weapon and attack the goblin, hitting on his head, that resulted opened sprawling the goblin brain on the floor. Our hero was astonished of his good luck and the power of his new weapon, just one hit to kill that dangerous enemy. He examined the body and get another weapon and a brew with a strange liquid.

 While he was investigating, a pack of rats slipped in the shadows ready for the lunch. They jump over Slorm, but his cape and his gloves protected him from the attack, and after some rounds of combats, the rats died without remission.

  Slorm continued his way more carefully, following the corridor, in the next bend he found another group of goblins sneaking in the darkness, quickly he bump into them surprising them. The goblins scared tried to flee, but Slorm could block their escape. They fought heroically till the end fell into ground...

 Our dungeon crawler caught the last weapon and come back to the town.

 During his journey, he found a pair of merchants who offered him some brew and armors, but Slorm didn't have sufficient gold, so he couldn't buy anything. A group of pilgrims asked for a donation and offered a blessing, but the lack of money, again, made Slorm not be able to take advantage of the occasion.

 Notes: Today the dice rolls were incredibly high, so Slorm had a lot of good luck in the combat. The Goblin warlock was really a dangerous enemy, in the first turn he get "Evil touch" what could have been very harmful.
 As the dungeon was very easy, I decided not to automatically return to the village to achieve the objectives, but I used the rules of world campaign to try to play some events in the wildness, and that's where I found the merchants. Thank God, there was no assailant.

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