Little Jewels, 3mm miniatures

After a pair of years gathering dust, I have decided to paint these little jewels from Oddzial Osmy, they are tanks from the wargame AWACS from Assault Publishing.

 These miniatures are 1/600 scale, it means that one milimeter in the miniature is 600 in the reality, so... one milimeter in the miniture tank is 6 meters in the real tank.

 Here are the photos:
Abrams M1A1

Abrams crossing the town

Ambush to the caravan

This weekend I could playtest my addition to the Wargaming in the XIX Century Europe by Neil Thomas. This addition expand the possibility of using Zulues and British in south Africa during the colonial wars.

 The basic additions are:

  Zulues move 12cm per turn, they fight as bearing muskets, using their spears (Assegai), they defend like Infantry in Column formation and for shoots they are considered Loose Infantry.

 Now, let's begin with the AAR.

 A British caravan must cross a conflictive zone transporting some goodies. The caravan is escorted by two Natal native horses battalions and a foot battalion. The Zulu side doesn't deploy any troop, however, it has six ambush markers hidden in the mountains and in the forest in the sides of the caravan path. During the first turn the Zulu side roll 2d6 and if any 6 is scored appear 1 riflemen unit or two Warrior Regiment (not elite) deployed per 6 scored. During the second turn the Zulu side roll 4d6 and acts in the same way that I explained before. With the third turn, roll 3d6. After this, each turn that the Zulu side win the Initiative, the player roll 1d6 and if gets a 6, appear one Zulue unit  in a random token.

So the Skirmish started in this way
 The white tokens where the possible Zulue troops.

 The British troops advanced, and front a side, begin the shoots form the skirmishers while another unit Zulu waits behind the brushes

The cavalry turns for assaulting  the skirmisher, but they shoot against the chargers causing two wound in the Cavalry unit.
So, they fall back
The British charge against the skirmishers and, this time, defeat the skirmishers 
The Zulus advance against the caravan, and the battle begins.

The yellow dice is the number of stand that remain in the Zulu unit

At the end, both armies are very reduced, so the Zulus quit the combat and flee from the combat.

 A interesting battle where the British Calvary had problems of manoeuvrability because of the small space, and the Zulus could not eliminate the  Cavalry and the British infantry punished hardly the Zulu troops.

 I am happy with the game and the development of the battle.

Totally recommendable.

Review: One Hour Wargame by Neil Thomas

Today I have received the new book written by Neil Thomas, titled "One Hour Wargame" this last book is a ruleset ideal for wargamers with no too much time, neither space, neither miniatures.... the battles can be played in a tabletop 3'x3', and with armies between 3 to 6 units. The book contains rules for all the mainstream wargamings epochs: Ancient, Dark Age, Medieval, Pike and Shot, Horse and Musket, Rifle and Sable (1860-1900), American Civil War, Machine Age (1900-1935), WWII. All is written 158 pages!!!

 At first glance, the rules are really very... very.... simple, maybe too much.... the impact are based in rolling a D6 and the score is the number of impacts that the enemy receives... modified by the troops types, o battlefield situation (flanks, or cover).

 The most notable is that everything is simple and you can use the same system for all the epochs, in a similar way than other tittles by Neil Thomas, like Ancient and Medieval Wargaming. Another thing that I like a lot is the army troops creation, you roll 1D6 and you get the number of each that you receive, for example in an army of 6 units if you score 4, and you are wargaming in the middle age, your army will be composed by: 4 Knights unit, 1 Archers unit, 0 Levies and Men at arms unit. There are 6 combinations, what is very suitable for "beer and brewers" battles, of using this ruleset as a filler during long term battles.

 In addition, the book has a short introduction for each period, explaining the way each unit fight. And at the end there are rules for solo gaming with random deployment rules, and Chance Cards that affect your troops or the non player troops.

 The book has 30 scenarios suitables for all the epochs.

 In the other hand, the book doesn't had rules for veteran or green troops, or moral rules, that you can find in Ancient and Medieval Wargaming. Here there are no armylists, and the rules don't have any flavour for the epoch...

 I think that the book worth be bought if you are looking for a ruleset suitable for several epochs, with not too much miniatures and space, and time. But if you are looking for something with flavour and more complex.... I think that this is not your book.

 As I am a modifier wargamer in essence, I think that this ruleset could get some interest, if you stablish three Quality troops: Veteran, Trained and Green. And when you difference their attacks in this way, when you attack with a Trained unit you roll your dice as is established in the rulest, if your unit is Veteran you roll two dices and choose that with the higher score. And if your unit is Green, you roll two dices and choose that with the lower score.

 About Moral, you can stablish that each time that a Veteran unit receives and impact, it can recover 1/2D6 hits if during a turn it doesn't move and didn't received any attack. In the case of the Green unit, it will add 1/2D6 hits each time that it is hit. The Trained troops continue in their way.

 These are my two cents about this ruleset

Busy but Mission accomplished!!!

During the last week I have been very busy because I was getting a challenge with Hetairoi, the challenge was to paint 2 Microworld armies (15 stands army) in less than 15 days.

 Both armies were the Undead army that I started during the Spring, but I had to rebasing the undeads because after I had a KoW battle with Hetairoi, and we decided that the 4cm front stand were better than my initial 3cm frontal stands.

 The units with a front of 4cm works better because the miniatures fit better and they look like better, as well, as I am planning to make a Greek army using Baccus miniatures, their strips measure 2cm, so if the stands measure 3cm, the Baccus strip would not be sticked in pairs...

 I has been publishing the advances in this thread in La Armada Forum, there you can see some photos like these

Undead Army

And the Beastmen Army

 That's all folks!

Lunch Time!

Today I have been testing the new rules from THW, called "Adventures in th Lost Lands, in this case the Star is a Fierce Dinosaur looking for some food. Let's watch what happens....

Poppin the dinosaur is hungry, he smells the air and detect some food hidden behind the wooded hill, so he decided to go to take a look

 He is a Large Fierce Dinosaur, with Size 6, Rep 5. In this scenario there are three PEFs.

 Poppin begin to walk approaching to the first PEF (PEF 3) near the hills he met some creatures, they were a pair of feeders that surprised for the arrival of Poppin didn't know what to do....

Poppin runs charging against them, one of them run away, and the other stay paralized and fight with Poppin.. who obviously destroyed it with his jaws...

While the dinosaur enjoys his meal, the other dinosaur flee and some other dinosaurs appear from the near forest... they are feeders so there is no risk for Poppin

 Poppin continues with his meal till he feels plenty and decides that is a good moment to have a siesta

Dinosaurs after Summer

Just arriving from the Summer holidays, I have started to paint for restarting the hobby.
Let's begin with a bunch of dinosaurs from "The Honorable Lead Boiled Suit Company", they are the smallest from the catalogue: Compsognathus, Mini-Raptors and Velociraptor. As they are so small they are suitable for my 15mm cavemen adventures.

 There is no excuse for play a Lost Adventure skirmish

Testing Land Ironclads and When the Navy Walked Again

This week I have been testing two wargames "Land Ironnclads" from Wessex Games, and "When the Navy Walked Again" from  Dastardly Designed Games.

  Both games present a Steampunk world where the superpowers are fighting for expanding their empires. 

  The armies are based in huge lines of infantry, forming lines armed with breech-loading and rifles; units of cavalry, and batteries of artillery... but something new is special in this age, the Ironclads... enormous mechanical monsters plenty of bullets and powerfull motors that... sometimes work...

 These wargames  present armylist for the main empires: Britain, France, Prussia, Turks, American Civil War armies, and in their expansion  there are Martian armies with tripods.

 Both rulesets have rules for tripods from the "Atlantians" (if Wessex) otr "Martians" (if DDG).. the tripos have specials rules like gas proyectors, or improved weapons...

 Comparing both ruleset, the Wessex product is much more simple, thought more like a "pretzel and beers" game, and the other one is much more complex with a complex point system for creating balanced armies.

Here are some photos of the skirmish between the Martians and a British Expedition...
The troops deploy....

The infantry and tanks advances, againts the martian tripods

The small tripods won the flank, and destroyed the artillery batteries

The Martian tripods sure of their superiority shot against the tanks, destroying them

Finally, the infantry flee away from the Martian tripods... MARTIANS WON

Great rulesets, very usable!

Mounting a Tripod...

Proud to present, here is my tripod!... no more words....but a lot of images!

6mm Silvan Elves

The guys from MicroWorld have great 6mm miniatures, I have bough these Silvan Elves, and I am very proud of them
Here the photos!
Whole Army