Painting some 15mm jewels for Nine Yeras War from Lurkio

Some time ago I received these little jewels for my incipient Nine years War project.

The miniatures are from Lurkio, and I must admit that I have fallen in love with them, they are a little big bigger and chubbier than the classic 15mm, but very highly detailed, and have a great variety, here you can see a comparative photo
LàR Essex,  Lurkio,    Irregular     and    Donnington

 Here they are ready for be painted

 And here is the final result

 At the begin I feel a little bit startled by the high detailed miniatures, but after a pair of brush-strokes I discovered that the miniature was very grateful and easy to paint.

 I can assure that I have fond the rank and file miniatures for my Nine Years war Project with Lurkio miniatures