After de barbarians, came the zombies...

After my first attempt, here we arrive with another test, using a hero in the skirmish. My son and me have been having this afternoon another skirmish between the Crusaders and a zombie horde, leaded by a vampire.

 The crusaders were there to protect the village from the undead horde.
The zombie Horde: One Ghoul, 10 zombies and the Vampire Lord.

The faith defenders: 11 soldiers and three crusaders.
  The humans (my son side) this time decided to advance directly against the horde, the zombies did their task.. advance!

During the second turn the first contact happened, the zombies fight against the humans with very bad results, their low Quality produced very few successes. The ghoul tried to used their poisoned claws, but he fell under the sword of the knights.

During the third turn, the Vampire used his arts to kill as much enemies as possible, he was amazing... the three knights died, and some humans... really this battle looked like Herohammer.

 My son decided to quit because he was losing and invented that the men flee to the village to be safe in their houses...

The zombies won!

Small Skirmish between Teutonic Crusaders and Pagan Barbarians

After the One Page Rules renovation I have been playing some skirmish encounters with the army list that I proposed for the North Crusades between Teutonic knights and the Pagan Barbarians.

 The armies were no more than 120pts per side, and the contenders my son (7 years old) and me (a little more old).

 In the Teutonic side there were some spearmen leaded by three Teutonic knights.

For the Savage side we could find some berserkers and two groups of barbarian soldiers.
The objective of the encounter was to destroy as much miniatures as possible from the other side, something easy and bloody, just funny.

 Both sides advanced, with the Teutonic soldiers forming a spears wall.

The first clash caused a lot of stunned troops in both sides.

At the end the Teutonic side won the victory after smashing the majority of the barbarians.

The battle took us no more than one hour, because my son didn't know the rules.
More to come.