Take a walk on Bazaar

Days after of their arrival, Myshella decided to visit the bazaar to buy some foods, while Slorm was preparing a safer journey.

 The bazaar was plenty of people, and Myshella and some friends met a lot of locals, a city guard, even a palace servant. The bazaar was crowded, but the most amazing thing happened, when they found the typical scene, of a big shopper grasping a rascal, who has stolen a bunch of dates from his stall. The child dirty and scraggy, looked horrified the enormous man who slapped him... The first punch threw the boy nine feet into the crowd.

 Nobody paid more attention to the child, who tried to hid among the people, while the man shout him threatening.

 Myshella, touched by the scene, come into the shopkeeper and bought some dates, them, look for the child and gave them to him, the rascal surprised, thanked to the dame, and offered to protect her for the rest of the day. She pampered laughed and thanked the child his offer... and decide to bring to her house, to give him some clothes.