Slorm against the Lead Pile!

     After a July month of home remodelling, I have discovered that I have more lea and plastic than I thought.. (what a surprise!!!!), so I have decided to finish projects.
 During the rest of August I plan to paint and publish the daily advances.

So... let's see how far could I reach!

Day 30 - Painting the Baltic Pagans and Teutonic troops from Kallistra 12mm, for Lion Rampant.
Just one stand finished, the Teutonic Knight one. All the others, everything else half painted.

It's just a test, Sir! AAR NUTS

The other day I found NUTS Second Edition Europe 1944, by THW. And as I have a bunch of African troops from my Africa Warlords project, I decided to use the miniatures to test this first mission.

 JUNE 1984 - You’re in command of a small group of assault troops in Bongolesia. Your unit has been deploy in a random point and is slowly reforming. You are alone with three men.
Your major concern is coming up onto the house. Here’s what the area is like.

A - Assaulting troops deployment, considered hidden. (Rebels troops)
B - NCO, LMG gunner and a soldier walking to the left forest. (Gubernatorial troops)
C - Soldier resting. (Gubernatorial troops)


First shoots that kill the LMG gunner and another trooper. The NCO survives 

 and taking the LMG shot to the enemies, without any success
 The stormtroopers shoot another time and kill the NCO

 The assailant advanced to the house, the soldier who was inside,
and terrified, hid in a corner.
The rebels surrounded the house, the leader shot inside, and the soldier reacted shooting
without success, while, the other soldiers entered the house, accomplishing the mission

 As ever, very good taste in the mouth... easy, fast and smooth... Maybe more scenarios... sure!

I see painted people....

Well, here I am, this weeks I have been very busy painting the civilians for the campaign. Here are some photos.

Talomir Tales, scenarios for a campaign

"The hero slashed the last orc's head, and his warband was the winner.... 25 VP vs 5VP, Crushing Victory" 

  As is well known, the life of our heroes is not just a warband encounter per week, they life a lot of adventures, will we leave them in their boxes, among sponges; our minds recreate multiple encounter and feats, but normally we can't play them because the lack of time, continuity in the stories, and things like that, well, at least, these my main problems... and ta-daaaahhhh here comes "Talomir Tales" to save your day.

 Ed Teixeira, has created a new type of books, where you can find a complete campaign, with 32 scenarios,  16 tied into one Story, where you can play with your favourite rules, or why not? the marvellous THW rules to complete them.

 At this moment, there are just four books:
Distant Shores -
The City Watch is looking for you and there’s that village Chieftain that thinks he “owes” you one. Add that to the Wizard you kind of cheated out of his cut… well, let’s just say a change of scenery would do you good.

The City Below -
The Duke’s daughter has disappeared and the Captain of the City Watch wants a favor from you that cannot be refused…
 - Scenarios giving you two Jobs. Find the Duke’s daughter then escort her into the Border Kingdoms. This will require you to Carouse in Taverns, Confront numerous enemies, Explore the Sewer under a large, Dungeon Diving and 12 more adventures, all related. -

Piathoe's Peaks -
There’s a Fine Line Between Grave Robber and Demon Hunter.
  - 16 Scenarios giving you one Job. Gain the Shield of Piathoe and use it as you try and destroy the Demon Lamia. This will require you to Carouse in Taverns, Confront numerous enemies, Defend the defenceless, Rescue hostages and 12 more adventures, all related. -

Uffe's Saga
Uffe’s father Bjarke died in battle when Uffe was but a boy. Bjarke, “Hammer of Demeskeen”, was buried under a mound. In a dream, Bjarke appeared to Uffe.
 - 16 Scenarios giving the way to free your Father’s shade and recover your Father’s sword from a deep, dark Dungeon. This will require you to Carouse in Taverns, Dungeon Diving, Escort others over perilous lands, Rescue friends and 12 more adventures, all related. -

 In addition, you can buy the campaign in two prices, one 17$ the full book with the campaign and the rules, or for just 12$ you get the campaign with the scenarios.

 The campaign are so good, that I have decided to mix them with my current campaign, "Land of gods", even if the Talomir Tales are focused into Talomir World is very easy to use them in other setting. So let's begin with the City Below Campaign could Slorm help his friend to rescue the scriba's daughter?