In the Name of the King

After read the last Endakil entry I have recovered my IHMN historical project, called In the Name of the King.
You can download it from here

Is a mixture between the IHMN creation troops rules and the Farnworth's LotR Age of Trebuche adaptation, for using IHMN for the medieval period.

 Any feedback will be welcome.

There is another adaptation in course for wargaming with Greeks and Persians, but it is beta version still.

Sidekicks for Barbarians of Lemuria and Dicey Tale

            Sometimes we need a character not so powerful than a hero, and not so weak than a Rabble, sometimes we need a Sidekick.

 How could we create this character? This character is going to be in a halfway between the Hero and the Rabble, so let’s begin:

Attributes: two points to spend in the four attributes.
Combat Abilities: two points to spend in the four areas.
Lifeblood: Five plus the strength attribute of the sidekick.
Careers: Two points, with a maximum of two careers at the begin.
Boons & Flaws: The sidekick begins with zero points.
Hero points: Zero points, because he isn't a hero!

With this guides, we can build the sidekick of our hero, for example the Mathayus’ (Scorpion King) sidekick

Arpid, Mathayus’ Sidekick
AGILITY      1
MIND           1
APPEAL       0
Combat Abilities
BRAWL    1
MELEE     1
Lifeblood  5
Hero Points 0