Testing Land Ironclads and When the Navy Walked Again

This week I have been testing two wargames "Land Ironnclads" from Wessex Games, and "When the Navy Walked Again" from  Dastardly Designed Games.

  Both games present a Steampunk world where the superpowers are fighting for expanding their empires. 

  The armies are based in huge lines of infantry, forming lines armed with breech-loading and rifles; units of cavalry, and batteries of artillery... but something new is special in this age, the Ironclads... enormous mechanical monsters plenty of bullets and powerfull motors that... sometimes work...

 These wargames  present armylist for the main empires: Britain, France, Prussia, Turks, American Civil War armies, and in their expansion  there are Martian armies with tripods.

 Both rulesets have rules for tripods from the "Atlantians" (if Wessex) otr "Martians" (if DDG).. the tripos have specials rules like gas proyectors, or improved weapons...

 Comparing both ruleset, the Wessex product is much more simple, thought more like a "pretzel and beers" game, and the other one is much more complex with a complex point system for creating balanced armies.

Here are some photos of the skirmish between the Martians and a British Expedition...
The troops deploy....

The infantry and tanks advances, againts the martian tripods

The small tripods won the flank, and destroyed the artillery batteries

The Martian tripods sure of their superiority shot against the tanks, destroying them

Finally, the infantry flee away from the Martian tripods... MARTIANS WON

Great rulesets, very usable!