Burning Sands: Into the North

After some investigation with the help of the Oracle, our heroes are send to the North, from Opori to a little polis called Sekni on the slope of the mountains. The distance could be complete in three days going upstream.

 They will bring a letter for the polis council, explaining what has happened and wanting for information.

 When our heroes arrives there the Council inform them that other men come a pair of weeks before, and others three weeks ago with them same story, some women kidnapped, and the Oracle sending them to the North. The Council is sick of the oracles, because all these give to Sekni a very bad publicity, in fact, they are not going to help the heroes, just tell them where went the other adventures, no more.

 So our heroes decided to go to take some wine and try to get info talking with the people....

 After the second or third round of wine, the tongues started to ramble on and somebody talked about a haunted ruins near the forest, where went the other adventures, who didn't back...

  To get the information I established that the heroes had money for 6 drink rounds, the same than heroes Vitality, an a difficulty of 15, so Slorm was rolling each time to hit the score of 15. In the third round they get the info. If they couldn't get the info, they needed to stay in the city another day, a looking for luck in another pub.

 So... after the hangover, let's go to the ruins!

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