Gundam mech arrived

A week ago I bought a mecha from Gundam universe for use it as mech for my sci-fi 15mm miniatures from GZG. I got it from Hobby Link Japan, and by a very low price, around 3€ I bought a 1/144 scale mech.

 And here is the unboxing:
The box
The instructions inside of the box
All the sprues in the box
Sprues out of the box
Another Sprue with the body and the arms
The last sprue with the legs and shield
The mech mounted
 One very interesting thing is that the assembly of the parts doesn't require glue
The mech and 15mm miniatures
The mech and its avatar in 6mm
 Conclusions, I am very impressed with this product, very easy to be built, cheap and great to by used as a 15mm mech or a samurai mech warrior in a kaiju skirmish.

 Totally recommendable for wargaming.