Mechs get ready!

After the Christmas break, and after freak out with Rothgar mechs and rules, I decided to start to paint my infantry walkers from GZG. I had some of them, and with that idea of using them like mechs, I may have interesting battles.

So, I begin to paint them, and in a pair of weeks, all of them were paint and ready for the combat. Here you can watch some photos...

 The idea is to create two sides, the Blue Army, and the Red Army. Both armies will have the same units: 6 basic mechs, 3 assault mechs, and 3 artillery mechs. In the future, probably I will add some additional mechs. Besides, of these mechs, there are some light mechs, from GZG too, and some heavy mechs from Wizkids (Mech Warrios).

 And now, let's take a look on the mechs or infantry walkers:
Blue Army Complete

Artillery Mechs

Basic Mechs

Basic Mechs with Flash!

Assault Mechs Blue Army

Assault Mechs Red Army

Artillery Mechs Red Army

Basic Mechs

Red Army Complete
  The buildings in the back are from Dropzone Commander, and they are for 10mm minatures.
 These mechs fit very well with the 6mm miniatures and 2mm tanks that I painted during the last of 2014, so, probably I will mix  them, for representing epic scale battles.

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