AAR Skirmish Sangin: Take the Apache and run!

This week I have begin the year having a funny skirmish with Mendoza, giving a try to Skirmish Sangin, a ruleset of 170 pages for modern skirmish in Somalia and Irak battle zones.

 At the begin, we thought that the game was going to be very annoying, because of the high quantity of tables and modifiers, but the game was very smooth, let's watch the photos!

Mendoza's warriors

Slorm's warriors
 The Skirmish
 The objective was to reach the helicopter and take the two passengers to the own deployment area.

The troops begin to run looking for a cover, from where they could shoot the enemy

The first shoot, one from the sniper kill in a second the second in command from Slorm's warriors.
His comrades advance to the objective, and one of them crawling arrive two the cockpit and shoot against the Mendoza's warrior.... Blood for blood!

Slorm's warriors climb into the helicopter, but Mendoza's shooters know how and when to push their tiggers, three men killed...

 With more than the 50% of the troops died, Slorm's men decided to quit the battle and run away.... The helicopter didn't fit with the color of the dinning room decoration.


 A very interesting skirmish, we found some problems with the orders for moving, stop or run, and with the number of shoots per phase that a soldier can make. We have to read the ruleset another time and probably these questions will be solved.

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