Returning to the roots: Microlite D20

 After years looking for a skirmish ruleset in a middle way between the RPGs and Wargaming skirmish rulesets, I think that I have discovered the solution to my quest... the answer is very simple Microlite D20.

 For those who don't know what I am talking about, Microlite20 is a minimalist role-playing game designed to be usable with the majority of the OGL/d20 supplements, rules and adventures with little or no advance preparation. The basic rules for character generation, combat, magic and level advancement take up a single sheet of paper, meaning it is perfect for introducing role-playing to new players, gaming one shot adventures or tailoring into your own game system.

 It is open source, so it can be modified and be freely published it. It has been heavily modified and collected in two compendiums that are accessible from this web "The Microlite RPG Collection".

 Both compendiums contain more than 1300 pages with different version of the game, adding things and suggesting other settings, from the prehistoric setting to the futurist setting with mechs, and between all this.... the typical D&D setting.

 I have tested the mech version, and it works very good, a fast, simple and furious battle.
Here you can watch some photos:

  After the success, I decided to create a pair of characters for the classic D&D using the advanced creation rules, published in the Compendium I.

 And I played a introductory dungeon scenario, more to come...

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