Mustering the troops for Mirolite D20

After read the two pages ruleset for Microlite Essence, I decided to create two characters for begin the adventure.

 The first character is Slorm a cleric warrior, who works in the court of the lord of the Siyale, here his stats
He can health 1d3 hit points to any living character, and has a bonus when attacking.

 The second character is a explorer called Jurmin, with level 1, he will follow Slorm in this adventure.
 As you can see in MicroliteD20, there are no skills named as their own, when a character wants to do something, you must add the Stat and the Skill related, with the score of the D20 roll, and hit the Difficult Class. Here you can see the abilities list:
Appraise comm+MIND
Balance phys+DEX
Bluff comm+MIND
Climb phys+DEX or STR, whichever is highest
Craft: know+DEX
Decipher Script know+MIND or comm+MIND
Diplomacy comm+MIND
Disable Device subt+MIND or subt+DEX
Disguise subt+MIND
Escape Artist subt+DEX or subt+STR, depending on what you're escaping out of
Forgery comm+DEX
Gather Information comm+MIND
Handle Animal comm+MIND or comm+STR if the animal is bigger than you
Heal know+MIND
Hide subt+DEX
Intimidate could be phys+STR, or subt+MIND or comm+STR.
Jump phys+STR (long jump) or phys+DEX (high jump)
Knowledge know+MIND
Listen subt+MIND
Move Silently subt+DEX
Open Lock subt+DEX
Perform comm+MIND, though it could be DEX if you're juggling, or STR if you're a weightlifter
Profession comm+MIND, usually
Ride comm+DEX
Search subt+MIND
Sense Motive comm+MIND
Sleight of Hand subt+DEX
Speak Language doesn't apply. comm+MIND to understand subtle nuances
Spellcraft MIND only
Spot subt+MIND
Survival phys+STR to survive, or subt+DEX or STR to hunt.
Swim phys+STR
Tumble phys+DEX
Use Magic Device you can either use it, or you can't.

 I love this system because while in other system have to specify each skill point where goes... here, all is fast and clear.