New month, a lot of delayed material

During the last month I have been very busied I have been painting, playing and reading.

In this post I plan to summary more or less all the things that I have done related with the hobby.

During this month I have played two times to Maurice from Sam Mustafa, with my tricorned friend Mitxi.

 The first battle was very good, no scenery, two armies, and a typical battle. The photos down here:

 This first battle was fast and furious,  Maurice looks like a easy to play game, but not a B&P game. It requires a knowledge of the ruleset, and a little good luck with the dices and cards.

 We tried it another time, for this one we played Moys 7-9-1757, based on Die Kriegskunst ruleset. This battle was worst because, we didn't balance the scenario, so we found a few problems with the deployment of the troops, and the turn change.

But we think that the scenario worth another try, so on our next battle, we will battle it again. The attacking troops didn't arrive the hill, the objective.

I have been painting some miniatures, some 15mm, and some 10mm.

 GZG troops for New Begins and zombies and civilians for ATZ both from THW.

Irregular Goblins 10mm for SBH

Pendraken AWI for Long Rifle from THW
I am very proud of that woman, she is based on this 28mm miniature, and I think that she looks like very well :)

A very busy month, a productive month


  1. Sí que has estado ocupado.
    La mujer en 10 mm está muy lograda, enhorabuena.
    Espero que pongas un report de Long Rifle.

  2. Disculpa que irrumpa cual elefante en cacharrería, pero vengo a darte un Premio Liebster. A ver si le encuentras un sitio en la estantería ;)