Building a Sisters of Battle Rhino in 15mm

  My sister of Battle army has been a long term project... more or less 20 years... but the original 28mm miniatures made this army something not affordable. For this reason a was delaying this product till the releasing of Retained Knight Post Delta from Ion Age, all became much more possible.

 But this entry is about how I converted a M113 APC from Vietnam FOW, into a SoB Rhino.

First, I mounted the M113, I used a vehicle that has a flaw in the frontal panel and I solved it with a piece of cardboard.

Second, I added the skirst of the vehicle with cardboard too

Third, I added a 1 cent coin for the door, and a pair of ball pen pipe for the tail pipes in the sides

Fourth, I stick a cardboard on the coin for hide the engraved letters and numbers

Second to last... some printing...

At the end... voilá!

(The Fleur-thelys is photoshoped... ;), the idea is to use a transfer)

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