The world...

The known world is formed by three big continents: Ipeiro, Amam and Atlantis, there exist three main cultures Kemet, Hellas and Parsa.

The three continents are very different between them, Amam is a big desert, plenty of ancient ruined building. Iperio is a glowing continent with a Mediterranean climate, with the highest population taxes. And Atlantis is the oldest continent, populated by the self-proclaimed "Sons of the Stars", and ancient civilization, who is into decline after a plague decimated the area. They are very xenophobic, so they persecute any invader from the other continents.

 The cultures have special aspect, that I would like to explain:
 - Hellas, they are the sons and daughters of the gods of Mytikas, the biggest mountain in the continent. They are very similar to the Classical Greeks from our world.

 - Parsa, they call themselves "the first humans", because they are convinced that they are the first inhabitants of the lands. They are very similar to the Achaemenid Persians form our world.

 - Kemet, they are the inhabitants of the big desert of Amam, they are very similar to the New Kingdom of Egypt.

 And in this place will happen the adventures...

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