Land of Gods...

Any good story begins with a good map and a good idea, so let's start this new campaign, with all these things:

 - A good idea, I love the ancient Greek and Egypt mythology, with the forgiveness of the Tolkien fans, in my opinion, Zeus and Ra laugh at Eru's and the Ainur's faces. The depth and variety of these mythologies outweigh Tolkien and his Nordic adaptations. For this reason, I want to focus my campaign in these setting.

 - A good map, after looking for a lot, I have found the web that let me create and modify the map for my campaign, from the size of the land mass, to the name of each city or river. This perfect place is: I have been working on it, and I have the map that I need, something like this:

 - A good rulebook, I am sorry, but I haven't found any rulebook that could hit the Ed THW books, his system to create enemies and set up the scenario is incredible, the only element that suffers is that the profiles of the troops are, in my opinion, sometimes too simple when you need to play a complex character; but for this is Craig with his Blood Eagle and In Her Majesty Name, to arrange the afternoon, so I will use both rules equally. So I will use both regulations to solve the skirmishes and I hope that also battles.

 - A good fistful of miniatures, one of the things that demotivate me is the use of tons of miniatures because I don't have the time neither space to have all of them. With these rulesets, the skirmish will be with around 5-10 miniatures per side, a quantity that is really suitable for me. In the other hand, I participated in the Mythic Battles Pantheon KS so I have a bunch of mythological creatures ready to hunt the heroes.

 - A good motivation, having painted most of the miniatures required, I am ready to start to play scenarios and advance in the Land of Gods Campaign.

 I hope that all you enjoy the campaign as much as me!


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