Expedition "Black Camel in Jimland" Chapter 1

Professor Jefferson Guy mustered, with the help of his friend Sir Ulysses Corwin, an expedition to explore the lost continent of Uzumbu.

The expedition consists of the two explorers, five soldiers and twenty porters, ten of them with food, and five of them with trade.

The expedition left Ibias Cape the April 3, 1751. Advancing into the dark jungle, there they found a groups of natives in a village that offered them some trading products, but Jefferson sure of they lucky start avoid the exchange

April 4, 1751
 A foggy day precluded the possibility of advancing, the bearers are afraid of the situation.

April 5, 1751
 The expedition  found the birth of a river that runs into the bushes, when Sir Ulysses was preparing the men for establishing the camp, a group of natives assaulted the group. The fray was very fast and the the natives run away after suffer some casualties.

April 6, 1751
 Today Professor Jefferson is very happy he has discovered a new creature specie, it is like a lizzard but with purple dots, here is a image of his new discovery. It will be called Heloderma Europaeus Saurus. This discovery will report money for the expedition. Besides, we found a group of natives that where very friendly with us... but the porters are not happy with them... each time we find friendly natives... the things go wrong...

April 7, 1751
 We have arrived to Savannah, it could be a great day but we have had an accident, because one of the soldiers went out of the trail for having a look on the brushes near the trail when he fell down into quick sand, another soldier lost his life trying to help him, and myself suffered heavy wound in my arms and stomach while I was trying to save the men. I can walk, and I can only write this diary between moments of fever and vomits... we have decided to go back to Ibias Cape.

 Will we where going back home, a group of natives has assaulted us, but they ran away when the shoot of our fire weapons has killed their leader.

April 8, 1751
 The bad luck is after us, a torrential flow has killed two porters that were carrying my pallet. we have lost, but if everything goes good tomorrow we will arrive home.

April 12, 1751
 We are in Ibias Cape, I am a little bit better and I hope that soon we will begin another expedition. By now, the last expedition has yielded 200 coins, that we will use for invest in more material and soldiers for the next expedition.