Patrol in the valley

There was a cold winter, but the first melting were creating  small streams, and the English troops decided to patrol to the old bridge near to the Garret Inn, at the winter's begin the French troops stablished a small camp 5 km ago from the Inn.

The patrol arrived to the forest...

 A pair of French soldiers run into the English from the other side of the forest, but run away to the Inn

 The English soldiers advanced into Inn
But a howling broke the silent skirmish.... a werewolf from the mountains had arrived....

 The carnage begun... the werwolf attacked the French troops, and the English decided to flee from the Inn

 Something dark is hidden in the mountains....

 I used the OnePageRules (Skirmish), using the Empire stats for the musketeers and the leaders (State Marksmen and Captains)

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