SBH- Cavemen campaign

This post come up as take the bait from alith_anarr, about creating a short campaign based on SBH, with a Cave Wars setting. Where here is my proposal:

 During the last season, the weather has been very dry and the animals have started to emigrate, the reason is, as the big shaman says, that the great god Kulila is unhappy and has punished to the Green Parrot clan. A group of powerful warrior have to go to the mountain, and capture a big wolf to sacrifice it to Kulila, to recover their favours. Here is their adventure.

 Cavemen side:
 The cavemen player will build a 300 points warband using the next troops:
 0-1 Cavemen Leader: C4 Q3+ Dashing, Leader, Heavy Armour, Savage. 88pts
 1-4 Veteran Cavemen: C3 Q4+ Dashing, Steadfast. 36 pts
 2+ Cavemen warrior: C3 Q4+. Gregarious 27 pts
 1-5 Cavemen Slingers: C2 Q4+. Shooter: Medium. 18 pts
 2+ Cavemen Firebearers: C2 Q4+. Terror (Only Animals) 30 pts

 Scenario 1: Looking for the Beast Lair.

 The hunters arrive to the zone where the Beast lives, an arid zone with some weed bushes. In the North are some caves where the Beast has his lair. The cavemen must find where it lives, so they start to explore.

 Objectives: The cavemen must find the correct cave, there are three, the first one could be with a 5+ in one dice, the second try will be a 3+ in a dice, and if no look in the last cave the will find the beast.

 Enemies: They are no alone, there are a group of cave orcs or lizardmen wandering in the zone looking for a prey. They will deploy in the middle of the table.

 The orc stats can be taken from SBH Orc Warriors, or Lizarmen and will form a warband of around 200 pts.

 The scenario can be made more difficult if the enemies warband is formed by a bigger group, or if they are deployed in two groups.

Scenario 2: Hunting the Beast.

 The hunters have taken about the Beast out, now they must send it into the pit that is in the middle of the table. It has one medium and one short of side. The beast will attack any miniature closer than 1 Long move, and will ignore any other creature.
 It will flee from the Firebearers when they come closer than 1 Long stick, moving away from them in a random direction, roll one dice:
 1-2 The beast will flee to his right
 3-4 The beast will flee directly in straight line from the fire.
 5-6 The beast will flee to his left.

 It will never run away from the board, and if it arrive to the border, and must move more, will move to contact with the closer miniature.

 The beast can't be killed, because it must be sacrificed by the Shaman in the village.
 The Cavemen Leader has a pot with transfix spell that requires 2 turns being near the creature doing nothing more. 

 In the zone will be a pair of dire wolves that will attack any cavemen that get close of them.

The Beast stats are:
 Beast C5 Q4+ Big, Tough, Savage.

Scenario 3: Returning home.

The path is one long stick wide, and is clear terrain. In their sides, there are a forest plenty of protection for the ambushers, with little clear zones.

The cavemen are returning with the beast captured. But an enemy warband is ready for ambush them.
The ambushers will be a orcs or lizarmen warband of 250 pts 

The cavemen have to cross the table through the path. They will deploy in a border of the path.
The ambusher will deploy two markers (one of them is a dummy) for each ambushed troop, no closer than 1 short stick from the path. They have to not allow the cavemen arrive to the other side of the table.

 When starts the battle, with the first attack, the Beast starts to recover from the spell, and in the third turn of battle the Beast will be ready and will start to break the ties.
On turn 4 from the first attack roll a dice, with a 5+ the Beast is free and will attack the nearest miniature.
On turn 5 from the first attack roll a dice, with a 4+ the Beast is free.
On turn 6 from the first attack roll a dice, with a 3+ the Beast is free.
On turn 7 from the first attack roll a dice, with a 2+ the Beast is free.On turn 8 from the first attack the creature is free.

 After been free, the creature will be Knocked Down during this first turn, so will use its activations for stand up. Them, will roll every turn 3 dices, for activation.

 With the Beast free, the only way to knock it down is throwing on it a Transfix pot. The Leader still have for two shoots.

 If the cavemen can't humble the Beast another time, it will attack them trying to assassin them.
 If the cavemen can arrive to the other side of the table with the Beast tied, they have won the campaign.

 That's all by now.

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  1. Quién puede pedir más! con esto ya tenemos completito SBH prehistórico, es un periodo escasamente visto en mesas de juego pero que es caldo de cultivo de grandes aventuras.
    Muchas grácias por el esfuerzo descansa un rato! ;)

  2. ¡Nooooooo!¡Prehistóricos para SBH!¡Noooooo!¡Muchas gracias!

  3. Hello Slorm,

    Excellent idea and a great report with your cavemen rules.

    Keep up the good work.