Patrolling in the frontier

Year 1660 - March

  Gotthard's unit was responsible of patrolling the north forest of Trüzesen. This area has some houses which have been abandoned by the miners because of the runnig out of the mines.

 The patrol was formed by Gotthard and 4 men more, they must check that the houses where empty and that there were nobody wandering in the area.


 As soon soon as they advanced to the old ruins they spotted a group of men who belong to the Barlang army positioned near of one of the houses. Without a word, and following the orders the started to fire against the enemy, causing two casualties. The other soldier started to run, fleeing from there, and the leader tried to find shelter in the house.

  Gotthard's men advanced cautious to the house, and they shouted to the man to leave the house with raised hands. After some intense minutes, the military went out and was caught as prisoner, bringing him to the headquarters to be interrogated.