Assault to EXT9A-Complex. FiveCore AAR

  Nordic Weasel is a relatively new company, headed by Ivan Sorensen, who has publish a wide variety of ruleset that try to offer simple and easy games, to be played in no more than one hour.

 This time I would like to share this AAR that has a few time, but could be very interesting to show how FiveCore works.

 This ruleset, don't use stats for their troops, everybody impact with the same stat, a 1 or a 6 in a 1D6. How are the troops differenced? Normally by the use of different weapons or using or giving traits or  benefits to the characters.

 The original FiveCore rulebook started with no more than 30 pages... now the third edition has no less than 160 pages. So the game has become bigger, but no more complex, just more clear and expanded.

 "The mission was very simple, assault the building, and put the bomb to eliminate the laboratory.
The assault Universal troopers where teleported to the free area near to the complex, after a stealth introduction, they arrived the main floor, where the guards were trying to stop the assailants.
Assault Universal Troops


The Guardians advanced, patrolling looking for contact with the assailants...
The shooting begins

Smile to the photo ;)
First fled

 At the end, the combat finished with only two guardians alive that quit to the Universal Troopers"

 The game was good, very easy to remember who is going to move or attack, just a pair of markers and all is smooth! For the next battle, is necessary more scenery to cut the Line of Sight.

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