THW is not an exclusivist wargame

Motivated by the comments of Fantalonia, I have been thinking about what uses can have THW Reaction system with other wargames.

THW Reaction system is very useful for solo or same side wargaming. In that system you check your Reputation (the miniature quality, motivation, experience...) with two dices, if you get a score under or equal to your REP stat you have get one success. If you get one success you get a partial success, and if you get two success you get a total success.

I am not completely comfortable with the REP system for the combats, and there are another wargames that work very good for "typical wargaming", but not for solitary wargamers; so I have been browsing with the THW reaction systems and other wargames. Let's take a look about the alternative uses that the Reaction System can have for solo gaming.

THW + USEME, the ELAN system of USEME, is very similar to the REPutation stat from THW, so you can check with two dices against your ELAN and get the success of your checks reactions. In this case the troops will continue having two actions, but they will be able to use only one to move, because they can check for "Fast moving" and move more than the basic movement rate.

THW + SBH (Ganesha Games), the Quality can be used in the same way but in the other way around. I mean, with REP system, the higher REP is better, and with the Quality the lower stat is better. So to check the reaction you will have to roll your dic trying to get the best result. For example, an Elf with Quality 4+ wants to charge against the orcs, you have to roll two dices, and get with them 4+, in a very similar way than the activations checks from Ganesha Games. If you use THW for the activations, you will not check for the actions that you can do each turn, you will follow the normal activation rules for THW.

THW + Disponsable Heroes (Iron Ivan Games) here the troops stats are very similar, except the Guts score, and they are checked with 1D10, so, we must continue checking the reactions but using ten side dices. As the better Gut stat is the higher one, we will follow the THW rules for checking.

The THW free version is "Chain Reaction 3", with a light version of THW ruleset that have some reaction tables that we can use for test the system.

Kurt has send us a interesting idea, that I quote here:
"The PEF mechanic can be used with any rule set. This gives you an instant encounter that will play differently every time.

If you want a more peaceful mechanic and a little more RPG feel, you can play the Chillin encounter found in I Zombie or New Beginnings.

If you want NPC/AI movement in Song of Blades Heroes you can use the tables on NPC movement from WHAA.

Try them, and tell me