[USE ME] Space Elves vs Goaulds

While I find the way for continue playing the "Weird Euskadi Campaign", I have taken out my 6mm miniatures to give a try the mechs that I bought during the summer.

 I played a pitched battle between a group of Eldars, and some DRM miniatures. Both armies were quite similar  with heavy vehicles and mechs.  The Goualds had better weaponry and the Space elves were more.

 Here are the stats:
Space Elves
10x Eldar troops: Infantry Elan 3, Standard Rifle Move 4
9x Exarch troops; Infantry Elan 4 Superior Rifles Move 6
4x Jetbikes: Light Vehicle Elan 4 Automatic Weapons Move 12
2x Vypers: Light Vehicle Elan 4 Cannon Move 12 Armoured
1 Mech: Super Heavy Vehicle Elan 4 Move 8 Cannon Weapons Armoured

11x Jaffa troops: Infantry Elan 4 Standar Rifle Move 4
6x Scout Jaffa Troops: Infantry Elan 4 Superior Rifle Snipers Light Troops
4x Light Tanks: Light Vehicle Elan 4 Move 8 Automatic Weapons
1 Heavy Tank: Heavy Vehicle Elan 4 Move 8 Cannon Weapons Armoured
1 Mech: Super Heavy Vehicle Elan 4 Move 8 Cannon Weapons Armoured

And now the photos
The troops star to advance, the bikes take advantage of their high speed 

The Mechs arrive to the battlefield (Random deployment)

The bikes destroy the light vehicles

Another Light Vehicle blowed up

With their left flank uncovered, the Goaulds are in difficults

The Goauld tank resist the mechs attacks bravely, meanwhile,
the Exarchs try to destroy the mech, bad idea!
The Scouts blow up a jetbike, will they defeat the  enemies....?

End of the last turn, the Goaulds have been defeat
the Systems Lords must flee from the Space elves colony
Some comments
Interesting battle, with a high superiority of the Eldars vehicles over the Goaulds. The dices scores were determiner.
The battle was too much slow because I forgot to write down the range of each weapon.... On next time I must use troops cards like Noel.


  1. Thanks for the plug on the cards. I like your idea of epic scale. Did you play one base as a char, or did you count all of the minis as one?


  2. I consider that your system is very useful!
    Each base is a character, I was trying the system, nothing serious :)

  3. "Trying" NO!, "testing" yes :D

  4. Yes Ido.

    ¿No hay ningún error bestia en lo que he escrito verdad Javi?