Marca del Este - Solo RPG - Scene I

After to bought Aventuras de la Marca del Este, a D&D's retroclon, and read it, I decided to play the solo adventure: The Creeper in the Temple. It is a Tunnels and Trolls' RPG solo adventure, but I changed the creatures to play it with my retroclon.

 Here is the history:

Artax arrived at the gates of Yabberesh and see fairies and leprechauns wandering in and out. After paying 1 silver piece towards the maintenance of the city, because he was an human, decided to go to the Sinder's temple.

He entered a small temple dedicated to the fairy goddess, Sinders.

Fairies sit on tiny benches praying to the large fairy statue on the north wall. A fairy priest welcomes you and introduces himself as Laddy. He wonders if ne might be able to help him with something. Last night, just as he was locking the temple door, he heard a thud coming from within. He went back in and saw a hideous creaturer run across the room and dive down the trap door into the basement. It had the head of an ant and the body of saurian.

Artax agree to help Laddy in exchange for a price. He offers him 100gp to kill the creature.
Artax tried to haggle but don't get better. Artax then ventures into the temple and down the trap door.

After descending down a flight of stone stairs, Artax arrive at a t-junction. To the left he can
smell the sweet aroma of wine and to the right he can hear a muffled sound. He decided go to the left.

He enters a small room full of prayer books. In the corner is a large cupboard where a muffled
voice can be heard. Artax carefully opens the cupboard. Inside he finds a bound and gagged fairy who's struggling to speak. He removed her from her bonds and she thanks him. "The creature took my money and threw me in here. Here, take this anti-poison salve. It will help if you".

Them Artax go back to the T-junction and turn right

He entered a large wine cellar. The walls were lined with racks of wine and there are open caskets
of the stuff on the ground. There is also a sack of money on the ground near the wine rack. Suddenly, a creature pops up from behind the barrels, the same one that was described by Laddy, with an ant's head and a saurian's body, except bipedal. It creeps towards him, hissing. The Ankheg start to attack, but loses his hit, Artax hits it, but the creature is too big for him, so he decide to retreat; while he is reatreating, the creature attacks him pushing him against a big crystal
demijohn, that broke wounding to Artax.

Artax desperated started to run going to the stairs, and the Ankheg followed him. At the end of the stairs he jumped onto the floor, and closed the cellar after him. A hollow sound sounded against the cellar. Artax stopped to take a breath, the wound of his chest is bleeding. The fairies go around him with surprise expression, Laddy ask Artax what happens, while call some faeries to help him.

After a short summary, Laddy looks like worry, and ask Artax about what to do. Artax offers to hire some help from the tavern, and go back tomorrow. Laddy dislikes the idea of strange warriors in his domain, but the Ankheg is very dangerous.

Artax starts to walk to the main door, but with his third step... he felt down unconscious

Artax loses 5 hp, he must be healed. 

I only used the AME ruleset, no Mythic Master Emulator or nothing like that, I wanted a fast and testing game. I don't know if the Ankhesh is a very powerful creature for this first scenario, but really Artax has a lucky strike because he didn't die....

Thanks to Bard for share the T&T link.!

On this week, the next scenario.


  1. I always enjoy the material Scott Malhouse puts up on his Trollish Delver site. I'm glad you enjoyed Scott's adventure too!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the solo and I was interested to see that you converted the rules to D&D - pretty cool!

    @Bard always happy to provide :) Thanks for sharing, mate.

  3. Thanks for the kindly words of both :D

    Scott M thanks for create these solo adventures, they have let me to return to the RPGs :)

    I started using the page 45, from the Trollzine1.But at the end I compared it with the D&D 1st Edition creatures, and decided that the "Antodile" was very similar to the Anhkes, so finally I used the Anhkesh stats, and that was fatal. 5 HP lost!

    Well, in the next adventure, I hope that the creatures will be less dangerouse.

  4. ¿Qué reglas son estas que estás usando? Pásamelas, pásamelas :b