USEME Carlists vs zombies

The villagers talk about strange creatures, called zonbiaks, that have appeared in the last nights, stealing some sheep from the near "caseríos".

 A group of "Faith defenders" must go there and investigate what happens....

 Ruleset used was USE ME (Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements)

Faith Defenders Stats:
Eider Gurtuku (28 pts)
Infantry Elan 5 Poor Smoothbore Musket Move 4
Mighty Hero
Gudari x4 (12 pts)
Infantry Elan 4 Poor Smoothbore Musket Move 4

Undead troops 

Zombiaks x10 (5 pts)
Infantry Elan 2 Fists Move 2 Armored
Necromant (29 pts)
Elan 3 Move 4 Cleric (Call undead) Sword Armored

New Spell:
Call undead: each turn roll 2D6, each 4+ is a new zonbiak waken up, at 2 inches from the magician. He can't do anything more during that turn.
The new zombiaks can move or attack on next turn that they are awaken.

Faith Defenders: Kill the Necromant, and at least 5 zombiaks
Undead Troops: Kill all the Faith Defenders

Faith Defenders on the North
The good guys deployed on the path and started to walk, looking for the zombiaks. 
The Necromancer started to wake up undead
The goofy warrior continued walking, and the undead hordes surrounded them.
The leader started to inspiring the troops, but, they run to close combat, falling down against the tough undead. Moreover, the Necromancer could wake up a lot of new troops. 

 The humans died under the undead in a few turns....
Two undead warriors Struck
The human side flee

Tactical Advice: Let the zombies stay far away from you, it's better to survive.

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