CITY BELOW - Chapter 2 "Confrontation"

Slorm walked down the alley where the bodyguards had been slain. Searching the ground he looked for anything that might be of any use, of any information. At the edge of a pile of wood and other debris he saw a small rotten piece of…? 
Victarii picked it up and rubbed it between his fingertips.

 At the end of the street a group of shadows was moving, like looking out our heroes...

Slorm decided to advance to get closer to the creatures, when they started to hiss... Victarii, getting nervous, took out his bow and shot against the shadows, killing one of them, another jump out from the light sneaking out into the darkness...

Slorm charged against the creatures, they were ready to combat, the sword cut a pair of hands, and the warrior avoided the creatures jaws...

 After a pair of minutes, the body of the creatures laid down on the cold stones....

 Quickly, Victarii run close to Slorm, and helped him to gather the bodies, putting them into a sack, to show them to the Captain.

Notes for the game.
This scenario was played two times since the first one the enemies were just 2 and Slorm killed them without problems... In the second one, the ghouls had horrible initiative rolls, however, in combat they maintain the attitude for a pair rounds. That is the reason since I prefer to use Characters with Rep 4, since the combats are much more balanced.

CITY BELOW - Chapter 1 "Carousing"

As the City Watch kept the small crowd out of the alley, the Captain surveyed the two dead men. Strange, he thought. They had been surprised, throats slashed without even drawing their weapons…and what of the girl?
The Captain turned towards the voice and stopped. “What was the Duke himself doing out this late at night and in such a questionable area of town?” 
It didn’t take long for him to find out.

The Captain contacted with Slorm to request from him for solving the situation. Something about the bodyguards having their throats slashed without drawing their weapons just didn’t sit right with Slorm.
Victaii, Slorm's friend, was a sell-sword, and he knew of the bodyguards. They had a good reputation and weren’t easily surprised. Maybe Magic or someone had slipped something into their drinks?
Slorm thought it best to start at the Velvet Slipper Tavern where the trio had been last seen.

 When they arrived the tavern was plenty of kirk men, so Slorm decided to interview some of them while they were drinking some ale.

Coins were PEFs
The first group of men were no other than Sly Kobe and his brother, who were plenty of ale, and eating a big roasted chicken.

After some words, Slorm decided to go another table.

The table was occupied by Benedice and his wife, who seemed nervous when she saw Slorm arrive. After a bit of talk about the cattle and the last attacks of the wolves. Slorm was able to put aside Benedice's wife, and he could ask her, she murmured between what she had heard, that the dead rise at night, and that the eaters of the dead had been the ones who had kidnapped her.

To celebrate the clues, Slorm decided to invite a round of drinks to Benedice and Victarii... when he bumped into a group of soldiers, they turned around 2 knights and a pair of troops, enjoying of big ale mugs, frowned and looked angry to Slorm. Victarii quickly take out his sword... a silence flooded the tavern... when a loud laugh sounded and one of the knight run to embrace Slorm, he was Carl Hirsch an old acquaintance for Slorm, since their parents fought together in the Hollow Inlet Bridge.

 The night finished watered with ale and women, with a big hangover at dawn....

Notes for the game.
Slorm has gained 2 increasing 1d6. 
The last PEF discovered was more a "push your luck" movement required by the development of the game, than an action required from the game. It seemed to me out of place that being in a tavern and having discovered a track, our protagonists did not decide to celebrate it.
If the encounter would have finished in a row, probably, the city guards would have entered the tavern and stopped it. The blue troops were really a dangerous enemy, but... the dice were helping, this time... ;)

"Massacre in Grayhollow"

The wanted outlaw Ted the cold, has reached the town and a group of citizens has decided to arrest him to keep the peace in the town.

Ted and his men were drinking something in the saloon, when at some point, the leader decided to go to the latrine to relieve himself, so the villagers decided to take advantage and assault him.

The problem is that Ted is not a rookie, so before entering the canteen, he had sent little Jimmy with his rifle, to put himself behind a fence, to protect the back of the canteen.

With all this, the citizens approached by the side of the canteen, while two men of Ted, with a watchful eye, went to the back door of the canteen to control the movements.

When a couple of citizens tried to reach the back of the latrine, Jimmy fired and Bob, from the door of the canteen did the same. This caused a crossfire that ended the life of one of the citizens.

The leader of the group, turned the corner, and tried to shoot Jimmy without success, but received a bullet impact that left him dead.

Of five assailants, there were only two leaves ... this caused one of them to flee in terror at the massacre.

Emboldened, or rather desperate, the last citizen left the corner of emptying his boot against Timmy, and killing him ... but Bob did not quail and killed him ...

When the silence was made, the door of the latrine opened, and while Ted went out lighting his pipe and placing a brace .... a wolfish smile was drawn on his face, whistled and headed towards the canteen ....