[USE ME] In the Stone Age

I have ever think that Stone Age was a History period forgotten by the wargames, and although there are some of them, like:

 - Prehistoric Settlements: A little jewel, with an Age of Empires I style. A group of prehistoric settlers hunt and gather to obtain supplies to build buildings (hunts, warrior camps, food stores, etc...) for finally build the temple or burial mound, what gives the victory to the owner. You can create soldiers and gatherers to attack the enemy or to get supplies faster. It has two additional expansions with more animals and troops, and with rules for rivers rules. The bad side, is that the rules are too much specifics, and the combat system is too much Old School.

 - Tooth and Claw: Is a ruleset for Prehistoric animal hunting. Very specific wargame from the multifaceted Chris Peers, I haven't tried it, but I read good reviews about it. Not too much to add.

 - Tusk: Another little jewel, very weird and very old. The first edition dates from 198x. Very suitable for solo wargaming, with reaction tables for herbivore, and carnivore dinosaurs. In the bad side, the rules are a little simple, like "roll two dices, and if you get a 12, you kill"... It has two expansions for medieval, modern and futurist battles, where the mechanics are maintained, but the troops are adapted. A little weak, but with taste.

 - Sticks and Stones: A license from Savage Worlds, is a wargame for combats between Homo Sapiens, dinosaurs evolved, Neanderthals, and dark creatures like orcs, goblins and undead. The game has RPG elemnts and wargaming elements. You can see a little AAR here. In the bad side, the game can be complex, and is not fast and easy.

 -  Adventures in the Lost Lands: From the THW guys, arrived this wargame, with the typical reactions table (I love them), but with the ugly Reputation tests for everything. They add wounds to the dinosaurs and Melee stats, to make them terrific, but the game is more of the same.... You can play with Neardenthals, Homo Sapiens, and pulp characters.

 I don't know more Prehistoric games, all of them have something interesting, and something uninteresting. All are specific for specifics periods, that forced you to use them only for that games, or if they are usable for other periods, they lost "appeal". 

 Other generic marks look like haven't forgotten this period. For that, and from here, I want to present my Prehistoric USE ME project called : PRUSEME. I have choosen USE ME as basic ruleset because it is very configurable, you can  add a lot of things, and all will work as when you start.

 I will upload two times a months my reviews for the rules that I will be writing basing in all these rulesets, and others. So to the authors, please, if you think that the rule that I use in my setting has a copyright, please contact with me.

 The object is to have something complete for the first week of January

 Let's start the project.

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