Moth Campaign Prydia Bleeds for USEME

 The guys from Alternative Armies have released the Ion Age Handbook, on their website, for only 2$

 There we can find, as they say:
 The Handbook is a great resource for the Ion Age but it is also more than that. In this purpose made e-publication you will find several sections all of which will aid you in planning and playing any Ion Age game system such as MOTH or Firefight 2.0.
These sections are as follows:

High Resolution Image Catalogue
Images both Front and Back of more than one hundred and twenty 28mm white metal miniatures

Uniforms and Schemes
A short section on painting your troops inc. the Prydian Army, League of Canlaster and the League of Yordan with color photos and artwork.

Template Troops
Pre-Made Profiles for MOTH for your roster inc. Planetary Militia, Muster, Retained, Desteria and Nobles allowing you to get into the action faster!

Prydia Bleeds – MOTH Campaign Arc
The start of a brand new full MOTH campaign spinning out of the Prydia Burns background in the main rulebook. Including Introduction, Platoon Creation, Between Games, Unique Characters and the first two scenarios, Dolly Mixture and Duck Hunt. The rest of the Prydia Bleeds Campaign will be released for free here on Barking Irons!

 But why it is interesting for USEME players too?

 Mainly because in this handbook we can find Uniforms and Schemes for the Ion Age setting, that is very interesting, and if we want, we can play the Prydia Bleeds Campaign.

I have been thinking about what changes can be done, and I think that they are very simple, if we use the USEME SciFi in that way:

 The ELAN is halved
MOTH         USEME
ELAN           ELAN
1                       1
2                       2
3                       2
4                       3
5                       3
6                       4
7                       4
8                       5
9                       5
10                     6

 The Movement rates aren't changed.

 The Armors can be changed in that way:
Bare Flesh: No troops with this option. Or only Civilians.
Weave Vest: No special considerations, or the Elan can be downgraded by 1.
MkIII Aketon: No special considerations.
MkIV Aketon: The troop is considered "Armored"
MkV Alwite: The troop is considered "Armored" with "Energy Shield"
MkVIII Alwite: The troop is considered "Armored" with "Energy Shield"
MkII Noblesse: The troop is considered "Light Vehicle" with "Energy Shield"

 The Weapons can be changed in that way, using the Modern Warfare USEME:
Moth Type 6- Stardar Rifle
Angis 12.5 AP- Standard Rifle
Tumbler MkIII MPI- Side Arm with the special rule "Imported Insurgent"
Tumbler MkIII SMG- Sub Machinegun
Moth Type 8- Side Arm
Angis 12.5mm- Side Arm
Minstrel PP2- Side Arm
Hermit 44- Standard Rifle with "Antitank" special rule.
Charlatan IV- Superior Rifle
All other weapons are considered Heavy Weapons.

 The Special Rules work like in USEME, and all that are new must by bought at the same cost.

 With this a Muster private with this stats:
Elan 6, Aketon MKIV Armour, Moth Type 6 Rifle;
will be with USEME
Elan 4, Armored,  Standard Rifle.

 Or a Planetary Militia could be with MOTH:
Elan 3, MKIII Aketon, Tumbler SMG
will be with USEME
Elan 2, Submachine gun.

 In other way, we can use the army lists suggested by the authors for the scenario: Advance on Pelegan Prime.

 Soon, the free scenarios for playing Prydia Bleeds with USEME :)

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