[USEME] Labor of Gods, USEME in the Mythical Greece

What about if we play battles between heroical greeks and minotaurs, reviving the mythical Odyssey, and the Iliad?
 For that there is a very very interesting wargame called "Labor of Gods", based on SuperSystem. I made a review of it a few months ago.
 But now, I want to explain you how we can play mythical battles with USEME, and I am goin to based on the Labor of Gods wargame.

The characters, can be made as with USEME Fantasy, and to convert them inHeroes, we can give them the Hero rule, and a high ELAN rate.

The weapons will  be the same, except the Crossbow, Firelock and Trebuchet.
The armoured special rule will be only considered for troops that wear the Hoplon shield.

The groups of troops can have a Musician, that will work giving them a +1 ELAN, with a range of 6". Working like the Commissar from USEME WWII.

The special rules like Night Vision, Sniper, Insurgent, Rage, savage, Iron Willed, Eagle Eyes and Fleet Footed, can be converted into "Blessing of the Gods", in that way.

Night Vision: Blessing of Hecate
Sniper: Blessing of Zeus
Insurgent: Blessing of Athena
Rage: Blessing of Ares
Savage: Blessing of Hera
Iron WilledBlessing of Poseidon
Eagle Eye: Blessing of Zeus
Fleet Footed: Blessing of Hermes
Cleric: Blessing of Apollo
Light Troops: (Consider forest and brushes as normal terrain) Blessing of Artemis.

All the Heroes must have a Blessing. As in all Greek tragedies, the heroes were envied by other gods and by the simple mortals, and normally dead in a tragic situation; for that, one time per battle, the Opponent player can choose to oblige an enemy Hero to reroll a roll, having to accept the new score. But after the battle the Heroes have a +1 on their After game roll.

But the normal troops can have special rules following the USEME normal system, they don't get the Bleesing, and don't get the favour of the gods for the After game roll, and neither the Greek Tragedy special rule.

Let's take a look on some samples:

Normal Troops
Cretan Archers: Infatry Elan 3 Move 6" Short Bow
Skeletons: Infantry Elan 2 Move 6" Sword
Amazon Warriors: Infantry  Elan 3 Move 6" Spear Shield
Greek Warriors: Infatry Elan 4 Move 4" Armoured Spear

Mythical Creatures
GorgonCreature Elan 4 Move 4" Long Bow. Change State Spell.
Medusa, the Gorgon: Creature Elan 5 Move 4" Long Bow Hero.
Cyclops: Monster Elan 3 Move 6" Monster Melee Weapon.
Minotaur: Monster Elan 4 Move 6" Monster Fist Rage.

More to come....


  1. Has jugado a Labour of the Gods y sin embargo vas a jugar a mitos griegos con las reglas USEME. ¿Porqué?

  2. Porque en Labos of Gods los combates están descompesados, si beneficia al que ataca siempre. En el turno que atacas nunca puedes ser herido.
    En USE ME al ser los combates a la vez si cargas puedes morir