A new Rulebook at home: Warlord

 Following the motivating posts about Warlord from Endakil, I decided to take a look on it.

 I have get it from Atlantica Juegos today, and after reading it I am happy with the first impressions, it looks like a Warhammer idea but well designed and with a relaxed intention. Let me explain.

 As we know Warhammer Fantasy is a bastard son of Dungeons and Dragons world, with the time this ruleset decided that the battles were much more beneficial for the company than the skirmish battles, so the owners "improve" or invented some additions to convert the Warhammer Fantasy game into Warhammer Fantasy Battles, trying to maintain the rate 1:1 to make to the players to buy as much miniatures as possibles. That way of work has converted them in a powerful company, with very high quality miniatures, and a vast quantity of followers that let the wargamers arrive to a lot of places in the world.

 But, if we pay attention to the rules, they were designed to play skirmish or small battles, not great battles, for that came out Warmaster. I think that Warlord ruleset is in the initial state than Warhammer Fantasy, is a big skirmish wargame.

 The book has a Old School flavour, with B&W images and photos, it has his own setting, placed in the Taltos world. The armies, or warbands are formed using more than 400 data cards that are in the rulebook (so I don't have to buy anything more). The armies has pre-generated troops, but you can change the name of them and get another ones, in your very own style.

 The combat system, follows the RAGE system, it is very easy, roll 1D10 and add to the score your combat stat, if it is more than the defender Defensive stat, he will receive a wound. The troops normally has one or two wounds, for example the Orcs Sperarmen have two wounds, a goblin or warhound only one, but a Ettin for, and a normal human general five wounds, these is normal, the remarkable thing is when your troops suffer wounds they will be reduced their combat and movement stats. As you will fight with around 20 or 30 miniatures per side, you can control their stats easily.

 If you want to know more about this ruleset you can take a look on Endakil blog, it is plenty of info and very well painted miniatures.

 And here goes my very own addendum, How to use Warlord with the THW Reaction Tables?
 I have been thinking about it, but not playtested. In Warlord we have a Displine stat that we can use to stablish the Reputation of the troops. That score goes from 4 to 9, so we can roll two dices each time that we have to test the Reputation, if we get a score under the troops discipline, we have passed it. So a Templar knight with DIS 6 will pass the checks when gets 6 or less in the rolled dices.

 For which reaction tables to use, it is a few complex, because if we pay attention to the wide variety of troops, it will take us a lot of work so we can do two things, or use the tables depending of the configuration of our troops in this special battle, or apply general reaction tables, I mean, only use the Soldier for Infantry troops, Missile for Missile armed troops and Noble for cavalry troops. For more irregular troops (like Mob Special rule) we can use the Warrior reaction table.

  That's all by now....

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