Preparing the Zombie Campaign

I have been wanting to paly a Zombie campaign since a long time ago, but I didn't find a ruleset that convinced me, but during the last year I have found three rulesets that will let me to start the campaign finally.

Let's take a look on the rulesets:

The framework of the campaign will follow the All Thing Zombie books, from THW. The first scenarios will follow the Haven book, starting with the Domestic Disturbance, them I will continue with the Military/National Guard ones, and finish with the Gangers. Them, if all is ok, I wanna play a more complex campaign, following the Nowhere setting from I, Zombie, but, time to time....

The ruleset for the combat will be obviously USEME "Zombie Dawn", it's simple, fast, clear and detailed. But it is too simple for some situations, that demand more specific resolutions, for that I have choosen Barbarians of Lemuria with its expasion for the Pulp Period "Dicey Tales" & "DOW".

As this will be a solo campaign I will use the Reaction Tables from THW, and the Enquiry Table for the required situations.

Let's take a look on the characters. For the three first issues, the police Star will follow the next stats

USEME Zombie Dawn:
 Star: Elan 3, Move 6, Side Arm. Rep 4 for the Reaction Table.
 Grunts: Elan 2, Move 6, Side Arm. Rep 4 for the Reaction Table.
 Zombies: Elan 1, Move 4, Unarmed. Rep 3 for the Reaction Table.

Strength: 1           Brawl 0      Cleaner 2
Agility: 2             Melee 1      Lifleblood: 13
Mind: 1                Ranged 2    Boon: Hard to Kill
Appeal: 0             Defense 1   Machine pistol Single, burst or full auto +1 to conceal. Damage  D6-1

Strenght:1            Brawl 1       Wheelman 1
Agility:1              Melee 0       Lifeblood: 7
Mind:0                 Ranged 1    Machine pistol Single, burst or full auto +1 to conceal. Damage D6-1

Appeal:0              Defense 0

Strength: 0           Brawl 3      Zombie 2
Agility: 0             Melee 0      Lifleblood: 3

Mind: -                Ranged 0   
Fear: 3                 Defense 0
Grab & Hold: No damage. If grabbed, a character takes a -1 modifier on physical tests for each Zombie holding them. A character so held can make a  Strength test, at -1 for each clinging zombie, to throw off a number of zombies equal to their STR ENGTH .
Overbear: If a character is grabbed by a number of Zombies equal to the character’s STR ENGTH x2, they are dragged to the ground.
Bite: 1D6. +3 To-Hit if they are holding a character Auto-hit if the character has been dragged to the

The scale will be 15mm mixed with 10mm, still under confirmation

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