Zombie Campaign: Scene 1

Anson and Danel have received a dispatch from the central police, about a male physically threatening a female. They report that there are two small female children, an adult male, and an adult female known to live there. They must investigate and control the situation.

We received the report at 2136, and arrive at the house at 2144. The lights from the living room where on, and the door open. No sounds from inside. There were obvious signs of a struggle. We advanced to the corridor, and in the kitchen we found a drawer that hold kitchen utensils on the floor. There was blood on the counter and on the floor. Near there was the office, the door was closed, but Morris heard screams coming from the master bedroom. We went there and found an obviously agitated male at the side of the bed and a female near the night table. The female was screaming and swinging a baseball bat. Danel screamed Halt!, and the male, look at us and start to walk, he was plenty of blood, all his shirt was stained, and he raise his arms with an aggressive attitude. I scream him another time Halt!, but he maintain his attitude going closer to me. I shot him to the leg, and he fell down.
The female, her wife, left the bat and stopped to crying. We arrested the male, and call the ambulance to take him to the hospital. The two other children were afflicted and OK, in the other room of the house.


Arrival to the house

The main door was open, and the light on

The policemen heard screams from the main room

Two people were in the bedroom

The male approached to the cops

The suspect is overpowered

After Action Comments:
I have played this scenario two times, the first one, using the USEME Zombie Dawn combats, and the second one with DOW. Both times with the Reaction Tables from THW. The scenario is very simple, the combats are very little, and with USEME ZD the scenario look likes very dull. In the second test, using DOW, I found a problem with the REP checks, because I didn't know how to make them using the DOW stats, after some tests, I have decided that the checks will be: 1d6 passed (THW) = Diff 9 with DOW, 2D6  passed (THW) = Diff 12 with DOW. The normal civilians will have every Attribute at 0, with a +1 to some skill.
All the other was very good. The Star and the Grunt have survived, it was no too much difficult.


  1. Great job. I like your layout for the house and the battle report was well written. I'm following now. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Me too! I like the layout of the house and I think I'll steal the idea for my games :)
    ¿Para cuando el siguiente capítulo?

  3. Thank guys for your comments,
    It was proposed for this weekend, but still I haven't time to get the fireturck, and to finish the civilians painting.
    And by the way, this weekend is my little Goa'uld birthday, so all the family will be here for the weekend.
    On next weekend more sure!