The prophet's hunt, testing CRFV

After a week painting GZG miniatures I have get sometime to test the last version of Chain of Reaction.

Here is the AAR, I used the Scudbuster Campaign mapper and CR·FV

Place: Desertic Planet, DP-3462G
Target: Capture the rebel prophet Gilliam McThomson.
Troops: 2 Marine Squads, armed with Assault Rifles and SAW.
Enemies: Planetary Militia Gilliam's followers.
EAL: 3

Mission's Map develop

1D: The troops arrive to the target zone, the emplacement of the target has not been stablished.
2D: The troops meet some locals, after some conversations, the locals flee. EAL goes up 4.
3D: Desertic zone.
4D: Desertic zone.
5D: Desertic zone. EAL goes down 3.
6D: Desertic zone.
7D: The troops meet some locals, after some conversations, the meeting finishes in a shoot-out. The marines flee and they have 6 Days to find the target and exit the zone.
8D: Major Check Point. EAL goes up 4.
9D: Desert Zone.
10D: The troops meet some locals, after some conversations, the locals agree to help the marines, EAL goes down 3.
11D: The troops arrives to the target.
12D: Evacuation finished.

The main incident of this mission were Day 8 and Day 11, let's take a look on them.

8th DAY: Major Check Point.

10th DAY: Target Found


 After Action Comments:
  Well the new In Sight system works really well, very fast and easy to be used. During the mission the marines had a lot of good luck, because with the first encounter they found a way to avoid the main body of the troops, and in the second one,Wow! those militiamen were really trash. The marines didn't have problem to arrive to their target. Everything was very cinematic, the "good-ones" won , and the rebels die.

 The marines had a lot of good luck meeting the target, it's really very difficult to find it, I consider that is necessary create another mapping system, this one is very random.

 And a last advice, if you are writing a post with photos... post them, and if you have to edit them, edit them before to post them, not while you write the post, in other case, the posting will be too much tedious.

 I hope that soon I will have enough civilians and zombies to continue the Zombie campaign.

 By the way I hope that Ed publishes amendments to use the new Insight system in his old wargames.


  1. Very good report. I got the CRFV rules, too. I think there are many improvements in CRFV.

  2. What is Scudbuster campaign map?
    I don't get pic number 6.
    Nice BATREP and an noticeable improvement from previous ones, congratulations.

  3. On my next entry I will explain how a Scudbuster map works.
    I suppose that you are talking about this one ""
    It is a night view of the battlefield. There you can only watch the spotlight of the guardians.
    I have added another photo to show how were the troop deployed at the start.