Two weeks without news from the East village, called Simerele, thus Slorm has been ordered to visit the village and clear up what is happening.

This time Umfrey the Earnest a brother of the order and Baxter a spearman, were chosen to go with Slorm. In the village, Avertine was the marshal, and the first objective was to contact with him and recover info.

 After two days of journey, our heroes arrived to the village, all looked like destroyed, burned houses but no blood... no bodies... just silence and loneliness.

Blue Circles are markers

After some enconunter with groups of giant rats, Slorm found the body of Avertine... there were no more clues... just a dead body with the neck wrecked, it looked like a wolf was tried to eat it...

 This scenario is based on The Missing campaign, from Rangers of Shadow Deep.


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  1. Me alegra ver novedades en el blog! Seguro que guardas en la recámara unos escenarios bien chulos para enseñarños, buen trabajo!