Running among wolves

Anno Domine 1345, Month III,

The guard shouted sounding the alarm, a group of villagers has arrived telling that a group of wolves had attacked a gang of woodcutters who were working in the forest.

A few minutes later, Slorm and two Teutonic brothers were riding out the castle gate towards the forest...

When the men arrived to the area, the shouts of the men indicated them where there are. The knights dismounted and readied their weapons...

Without losing a moment, they run to protect the villagers who, who fear, ran fleeing from shadows that hid in the snow. After running for some meters, already inside the forest, the shadows were transformed into immense black wolves of terrible teeth.

The brothers jumped into the combat invoking their protective deity, wielding their swords...

After several minutes of struggle, it was shown who ruled in those lands ... sweat, blood and snow mixed giving uniforms a dirty and aged look ...

There were no doubt... Winter is Coming...


  1. I love your minimalist approach on the board and terrain. Yet still you manage to tell a compelling story on it.
    Also, I'm curious on how long this battle raged?

  2. When I play wargames I disperse easily because I do not have too much space or time to play, so I need simple regulations, in which in the middle of the turn I can stop the game to take care of the family, and then return to the game at 30 minutes without forgetting what happened. And the THW games allow me.
    That's why the minimalism of my scenarios, I needed something functional and easy to set up or set aside. In fact, my first tests with this board system started with dungeons that allowed me to play in a modular way, just deploying a few rooms.
    With regard to the duration of the game, because if I have neither space nor constancy ... would I have time? Well, no. The games can not last more than 45 minutes, except for a few occasions.

    In this particular game, when I made the rolls to see who would accompany Slorm I had a tremendous luck, because the two Brothers of the Order with their Reputation 6 resolved most of the fighting without dishevelled, but having gone to combat with troops with Rep 4, I doubt that they would have survived all ... and for sure the half hour that lasted this game would have doubled it.

    1. Same here. I like your battle boards. I found that if terrain set up takes too much time, I never finish the game.