D100 Dungeon: AAR Dungeon 4

    With the success of the other dungeon, Slorm has accumulated a good bunch of gold that he has deposited in the Bank Guild, and the baron is happy, so he hires another time Slorm to get into the haunted dungeons of his old castle and recover the crossbow and the leather boots of his grand grandfather, and by the way, Merrill Drach the sorceress has ordered him some toad venom. Our hero, taking into account the good results of his last dungeons came into the dungeon happy and sure of his success...

  After walking during some minutes, he saw how some packs of rats flee trying to hide into the shadows, Slorm found a big cave toad who tried to attack him, after some blow the horrible creature died, and the hero got the venom.

   The dungeon continued meandered and Slorm felt a little lost, too much narrow and close corridors, to the point of finding a Lever, that he decided not to touch it, or avoided to down the stairs that he found.

 In the middle of the dark corridor, he found a terrible leech who attacked him, it was a hard combat, where Slorm needed to use his better skills, and a little help of the brews. In the end, the creature died, and our hero caught a pair of leather boots for the baron.

 Slorm had to retrace through the corridors because he arrived at a magic door that he couldn't open,  he tried by another door, but it was impossible too, so he quit. While he was resting, a group of goblins surrounded him and attacked with their bows. Slorm could kill all of them and recovered a crossbow.

 With all the objects recovered, Slorm went out of the dungeon and enjoyed a lavish dinner with a charming company of loving damsels.

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