Why I hate Ed Teixeira?

Hello my name is Slorm, and I hate to Ed Teixeira, the author of the Two Hour Wargames,

    I hate that monster because still having access to a whole variety of wargames, with a wide variety of mechanism, at the end... every time I finish using its games.... he has kidnapped my gaming freedom!

    I hate him a lot because with his rulesets he has comprehended a wide variety of settings, you can play any setting using his rules, and the metagaming, will be the same, what genial game creator could  do that?

 I hate Teixeira's games because he has created a group of games so detailed or so relaxed that you can choose. Not only is possible to play a combat between two or three miniatures in a detailed way, but also, you can fight a war between a dozen of armies taking into account their reserves and all the elements that affect the armies. His games are suitable for solo gaming, collaborative or head to head. What other wargames could be so flexible?

 I hate THW's games because  uses very little stats for their troops, just the REPutation of the miniature and in same cases the Armour Class and the weapon stats.... You can write down these stats in a line and will avoid those completely fulfilled pages of data that the RPG requires, with the damned modifiers and special rules.... What other wargames are so simple and complex at the same time?

 I hate THW's products because not only the offer payments products, but also complete products for free that you can use to play and learn about his games. In fact, Swordplay and Chain of Reaction are useful to play the majority of skirmish and small combat action that normally I see in the blogosphere, and they are free... What other author offer free products so completed?

 I hate Ed Teixeira because he has a web where he sells his products, besides, he manages a blog where he shares his new products and writes AAR explaining the mechanisms and sharing the work of other gamers... Every time, you will be visiting his blog you will find something interesting... What other authors work in that way for their wargames?

 I hate Ed Teixeira because he is a great person, since he will answer your question particularly via email if you write him and everytime is opened to help or supports your ideas with his games. Who other author not only publicize their games but also publish their own battles with their own miniatures?

 For all that reason I must shout out that Ed Teixeira is dangerouse for the Wargames community, his games and his business model puts in evidence to other authors, that with a greater support on the part of its followers and numerous sales, they are incapable to produce a so effective and polyvalent system to play with miniatures.

 So, for that reasons I only could say.... 

                                                                 THANKS ED! 

 Sorry, if this post is too much Fanboy, since... Wow! this man deserve all my respects and praises, keep going...

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