Burning Sands: It's a trap!

   With Adara released, now is the moment to counter attack and discovered who kidnapped her. After interviewing Adara, was impossible to get any info, because she didn't remember anything. So, the best way to get some information is to set a trap. A group of three guards are going to stay at the house where Adara was retained, awaiting for the captor leader, to capture him.

Guards V2 P2 W1 +2 Defensive roll (because wearing Panoply). In the room.
Guard V2 P2 W1 disguised as Adara in the cell.

Hooded man V3 P2 W2

 The hooded man arrives to the house

The disguised soldier as the woman, comes into the room, to help his friends

  At the end, the last soldier gets to kill the hooded man, who before dead said "May Eride's curse falls on you"... the soldier tried to maintain with life the hooded man, but was impossible... he dead...

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