Month 1, Smilodons at the lake

During the first months the tribe wandered in a dangerouse zone (cell 1.6), the zone was a wooded area, with a lake in the middle, here is a photo

Deployment area
I used the Adventures in the Lost Lands (THW) PEF system, to give some randomness to the enemy troops. 4 PEFs.

Ulrek and his men advanced from the south, going upriver, to the lake.

Some turns later, they met the creatures hanging around the lake

A pair of Smilodons that were awaiting for the deers, that normally drank there.

Ulrek, tell to their comrades to sneak behind the bushes near the lake, but the Smilodon decided to charge against the humans, probably he was hungry. The humans nervous rally round the leader, but one of them decided to charge against the beast, Ulrek, worried about the poor possibilities of the mad man, run to help him against the beast that run to them.

A heavy stroke kill the beast, but the noise of the battle call the attention of the other smilodon, who approached to the humans.

 The humans more daring advanced to the creature, and charged against him...

 Killing him in a unbalanced combat.

 The tribe has sufficient food another month, and they continue their journey to the Big Blue.

Stats used for PRUSEME:

Caveman Leader: Elan 5 Two Handed Weapons Mighty Hero Move 4.
Caveman Shaman: Elan 4 Spear Blessed Cleric Move 3.
Cavemen Warriors: Elan 3 Spear Move 4.
Cavemen Villagers: Elan 2 Spear Move 4.

Smilodons: Creature Elan 5 Furious Claws Rage.


  1. ¿PRUSEME? Sé que es USEME pero no PRUSEME.
    Las minis son de 15mm, verdad? Están muy chulas. ¿De qué marca son?
    ¿Cómo hiciste las rectas en la foto de la mesa de juego?
    Cuantas preguntas! :D
    Oh! me olvidaba de decir que bonito. Se nota que disfrutas la partida y eso se contagia; casi me dan ganas de jugar a los cavernícolas.

  2. Muchas gracias. Espero que mis respuestas estén a la altura:
    PRUSEME: PRehistoric USEME,
    Minis: 15mm, con Bear Clan de Splintered Light Miniatures y los Smilodons son Mick Yarrow Miniatures.
    Las rectas de la foto están hechas con el GIMP, un programa de dibujo.

    Splintered está ahora con ofertas navideñas, la mar de interesantes.

  3. This is really interesting stuff. Looking forward to reading more!