Nobody asked me but...

- USEME new is planning to release three more titles into the USE ME series on Friday of this week.  I do not have much information but I have heard from Gavin Syme that these are the awaited Zombie Dawn, Wild West and Post Apocolpyse rules sets.  Plus a re-print of UM003 USE ME World War Two will also put that title back in stock on the same day!

For more we will have to wait 48hrs!

- PRUSEME, I have been very busy these Christmas because I am working in the Spanish version for Chivalry & Sorcery Essence from Colin D. Speirs, but when I have finished it I will return to my PRUSEME project.

- I have decided that 2012 will be the year without no new miniatures, this is a very typical promise that all the wargamers make at the start of each year, well, I am not one special, so I think that this year I can. 

- I am in the last steps of the infantry painting stage for the Carlistes army, I hope than soon I will upload photos of it.

 - And of course, HAPPY YEAR 2012, enjoy it as it was the last one!

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